10 Ways You Can Make Money Online

[Music] number 10 freelance and website’s guard skill some kind preferably an either an art or tech field well then freelancing just might be for you and the business world freelance workers are simply defined as temporary employees who you hire to do a certain task oh and they are definitely not free in general they work by themselves have no affiliation to a large organization meaning they are usually cheaper and more efficient in contracting a work to a large company sites like freelancer comm and many other online freelancing sites connect clients and freelancers together but take a small cut of the page freelancer offers work for writing painting consulting our music video and pretty much anything else you would pay for something to do freelancing websites are usually free to sign up for and make their money off percentages and handing out certifications keep in mind the old majority of freelance work requires a skill or trade there’s also tons of work to be done without any skill at all formatting Excel sheets collecting and entering data he’ll be viewed and seen some collecting internet sources for research papers just sign up and start looking for work number 9 classified sites ever open the newspaper and see in classifieds well most of you younger viewers probably happen so just in case you don’t know the classified section consists of everything from jobs to items for sale to even social gatherings they’re essentially a paid advertising section useful for buying selling and getting a job unless you’ve been living under a rock you’ll also notice the classified section is no longer only available on print but many very popular classified websites have opened as well think Kijiji and Craigslist and you’ll know what I’m talking about there are several ways to make money through these classifieds some with long term commitments and others as more of a one-time gig browsing the job section you’ll see everything from management positions and large companies blogs any new writers and small stuff like snow removal one other section you should be sure to look at is the free section of each website somewhere among the three blood-stained mattresses and the free firewood you may see something of actual value that someone is just giving away so snap it up polish it off and resell it for profit easy money number eight personal assistant websites personal assistant websites are pretty much the closest thing you’ll get to a standard job from working online websites like virtual comm had two forms of profiles virtual assistants and clients clients subscribe to the website and a monthly cost and virtual assistants you are then signed to one or several clients the job is pretty much as being a standard secretary with the added bonus of being able to stay at home and work them and getting weekends and holidays off during standard business hours that is 95 meet days your client can assign tasks for you to do such as make PowerPoint presentations order organize merchandise or really anything they can think of virtual arm starts you with a base pay of $12 an hour so right off the bat you’re working for more than minimum wage oh and as an added bonus and unlike a secretary you will never have to fetch coffee for your boss number seven eBay well most people probably aren’t too in favor of selling your drunk online but hey it’s no use to you just laying around online auction sites like eBay allow users to sell pretty much anything you can fit into a shipping box provided it’s a physical item and of legal variety well not the most appealing form of income considering you have to part with some of your stuff in exchange for cash eBay provides what is in essence a small personal store for someone gave you shoes you don’t want action them off on eBay make a few bucks have some old comic books or electronics auction is also profit available from buying low and selling high that comes at a very large risk of not being able to resell an item or getting damaged goods as for payment eBay takes percent of the selling price based on how high it sells for for example if you sell something for $40 eBay will take 8.75 percent so about 350 number six secret shopping okay this one is a little bit of cheap as it will likely require you to go outside if you’ve ever worked in retail you know about secret shoppers if you haven’t well secret shoppers are hired by companies to double check security proper employee interaction with customers and just get a general feel for the store there are hundreds of websites to offer jobs that see for shoppers but unfortunately a majority of them are fake and nothing more than a scam to find a reputable website either perform a quick google search and use some common sense or check the mystery shoppers Association website through most secret shopping websites you’ll find jobs that pay anywhere from five to twenty dollars to do simple tasks such as go to the store photograph a display case request information for the product and sometimes buy something after that small real world bit you just need to go back on the website and pour your findings in detail before the deadline oh and if you’re required to buy something you’re sometimes even reimbursed for the value usually get to walk away with it scot-free sounds simple enough and you usually paid another gift card or PayPal the only limitations you’ll find through secret shopping is transportation to the store and of course whether there is even a participate store near you there could even be stores are on your way to school or work many people even go secret shopping during their lunch break number five paid to click websites and now we’re going to slightly shade your side of internet income no not shady as an illegal but well a little immoral after signing up for a pay to click website you’ll be prompted with a list of other websites where your job is to visit the site click on the advertisements and browse whatever site the ad brings you to for a couple minutes another common format for a ptc site is they’ll just display ads for you to watch or click and you’re paid based on the amount of ads you view payment on these sites is very minimal and comes in two standard formats some sites will give you dollar value for every action performed an average being around two cents an ad and payment can only be paid out every twenty dollars or so the other format is of course the good old point system whereby you earn points for competing tasks and every certain number of points you can pay out to your choice of a gift card popular sites for paid to click include click cents and box dollar and paid routes number four download and play apps now if you played any app with a micro transaction currency system you’ve probably experienced this one and didn’t even realize it ever been playing a mobile game with multiple currencies like golden rubies isn’t one of them really common the other really really rare but super useful while those really rare currencies are quite often bought with in-app purchases turning real-life cash into fictional rubies quite often however there are alternative ways to earn them such as surveys game trailers and increasingly common downloading and playing other apps why download and play these apps fictional currency when you could just as easily earn actual money websites a gap down offer to pay you points in exchange for you downloading and playing their featured apps usually you’ll be prompted with a game in a download link as well as a requirement for play time after all requirements have been met app down will award you points accumulate enough points and you can trade them for gift cards coupon codes and yes in-app currencies number three social media posts ever wonder why that really popular social media page about funny vines is suddenly posting about this really cool skin cream they started using well odds are they’ve never even tried the product but have instead being approached by a company to endorse the product and give you resilient to their store that’s it that’s job requirement be popular and make posts about sponsored products of course they need a large fanbase to make any sort of profit while it may seem like a daunting job creating a popular social media page is actually not that difficult and many sites have posted guides and advice on how to increase your fans what’s important is building a large following which is why you see so many share Bay posts later in your Facebook no your mom’s not going to die if you don’t like that image and no not sharing a post does not mean you’re in favor of safety once audience is built all you need to do is wait for the offers to come in depending on your popularity you can make anywhere from $30 to 500 for nothing more than hitting share or speaking in favor of something it requires a little upfront work but pays off greatly in the end number two survey sites if you ever been asked to fill out a quick survey before being able to download a file that’s just someone attempting to automate the cash flow and trick random downloaders into doing surveys for them many people’s eyes survey sites are the cancer of the internet but with that being said you can actually make quite a bit of money from doing nothing more than answering questions and giving opinions websites like get paid surveys com allow you to as you probably guessed get paid to take surveys now know that no matter what survey site you sign up for you’ll definitely not be making anything more than a little spending cash most sites will pay you anywhere from five to ten cents for doing small multiple-choice surveys while others will pay up to fifty cents for surveys that require a little bit more work like a product review or a couple paragraph long opinion once you’ve accumulated enough money or points on a website you can then begin withdrawing money by paying out payout is usually through gift card codes but some sites also allow PayPal transfers and even direct deposit number one search based sites while money for doing little more than changing your search engine well sites like swagbucks are just for you then swagbucks offers a wide range of waster in points but one of the most prominent and by far the easiest is simply doing searches need to get to Facebook do a swagbucks search of facebook.com/ need to know how many heads henry the eighth chopped-off do a swagbucks search just as you would on Google Yahoo or if you’re like a lot of other people you somehow end up with Bing every search you do has a random chance to earn you a bundle of swag bucks you can only earn max four bundles per day but each bundle could contain anywhere from 5 to 50 swag bucks once you meet a certain payout amount you can turn your bucks into gift cards in general 100 swag bucks turns into $1.00 in compounds every 5 10 25 50 and $100 so from doing nothing more than surfing the internet as per usual you can be earning a free gift card every few days this is by far the easiest and simplest way to make money online [Music]

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