6 REAL Ways to Make Money Online

it’s going to be a productive day but first I’m just going with the I’ve never had a doubt felt like this is just a lot for me and perspective from the because in the car everybody tuned in what this is just not how to make that copy run so there’s a bunch of different ways that you can make money online like a bunch I came and tried to go over all the different ways now what I’m going to go over in this video is my favorite six ways to make money online the first three that I’m going to discuss is businesses that I personally have had success with now the next three are businesses that have a proven track record to work but I just personally don’t have any experience with it now they are businesses that I do want to move forward with and I just want to start off saying that these are not make money fast type of businesses these are businesses that are sustainable but they will take a lot of work I also want to add that I am NOT an expert I’m just a regular dude trying to make it now I don’t have an e-book that I’m trying to sell you I don’t have a program that I want you to buy I don’t even offer a coaching service that I want you to enroll in that’s not the purpose of this video I’m not trying to give you a step-by-step guide on how to make money online the purpose of these videos is document my process and the steps that I’m taking to make money online now of course the ideal situation is that the ending result is that you see someone make money online which will motivate you to take the same steps now regardless if I actually create a successful business or if I fail miserably you’re going to be able to see all of that and you can decide on what actions you want to take for your business so again what I say in this video is not set in stone this is just the information that I’ve gathered over the past few years alright so let’s get started now the first way is building website now don’t get scared off by that because anyone can build a website I can’t go into too much detail about it because I can talk about building websites for days but all you’re going to need is a domain name which costs about $10 a year a hosting plan you can get for less than $10 a month and WordPress with those three things you can create as many websites as you want and I always recommend anyone new to start with a niche website and a lot of people may say that niche websites are dead but for me personally I don’t believe that because I still find success in niche websites so what is a niche website it’s basically a website that is made for a very specific topic made for a very specific market that has low competition and you basically want to be that authority figure on the subject matter so what that means is you want to take a topic and dive deeper and deeper and deeper into that topic until you are bulb deep into a very specific group within that overall topic for example let’s say you want to make a website about technology well good luck because there’s a lot of competition from very large websites that dominate that topic so how do we dive deeper well let’s go down let’s say you want to make a website about just computers again there is a lot of competition within that realm so let’s dive even deeper let’s say you want to make a website about laptops well that’s better it’s more specific but there’s still big businesses that dominate that market so how can we make it even more specific let’s say we want to make a website all about Chromebooks so now you have something that is a very specific topic within a group that has probably lower competition now I haven’t done any research or having ran any analytics to decide whether or not that’s actually a good website but I think you can see the point you want to dive deep into a subject matter and the benefit of doing something like that is it makes it more even playing field when compared to a much larger website it actually gives you a fighting chance to show up on a Google search result so again I can’t go into too much detail about this in this video because I would just take way too long but if this is something that you’re interested in doing leave a comment down below and I can make a whole nother video about it so big how do you make money with a website like that and the most common way is affiliate marketing and what that means is you would refer your readers over to a different business and if your reader purchases something from that business that business will give you a commission another way that you can make money with a website like that is through ad placement if you build up a big enough community on that website your traffic is worth a lot of money so companies can’t pay you to place their ad on your website which I’m sure you guys are all familiar with another way that you can make money with a website like that is by actually selling product now I’ll hit that topic in just a moment but I just want to focus on the building of websites so being able to build a website is essential to being successful online even if you don’t plan on making a website your main business you should still learn how to use it because the website is basically your hub so regardless of what business you decide to pursue you want to have that hub where people could find you something that you have ownership over because you’ll want to rely on other platforms click all I’m going to cover with websites if you want to know more leave a comment down below and next business that I’ve had success with is ecommerce and that basically means just setting up a online store where you sell product now what I did was I created a product and I marketed it to a very specific group again you want to concentrate on a niche market because it’s going to be very difficult to compete with larger online stores like Amazon and when I say I created a product I don’t mean I invented something or I manufacture something all I mean is I took parts that are readily available I put them together in a nice little package and I marketed to a very specific group and I was very successful with my ecommerce store and I’ll kind of give you a breakdown on the workload that I had so to keep my store up and running basically all I did was once a week I would spend an eight-hour day once a week to assemble let’s say a hundred kids now that’s all I needed you create my inventory once a week and on a daily basis it would take me maybe 30 minutes to an hour to print out all the shipping labels for my orders package them and then drive to the post office and drop them off so ecommerce is definitely a good way to make money online if you pick the correct product now there are a few downsides like you have to hold inventory and you also have to use your money upfront to purchase that inventory so if you execute it correctly it is definitely a good moneymaker now let’s move on to the third business so the third way I think you should definitely try is YouTube and you have to do it in a smart way you have to go into it as a business from the very beginning when I was really looking into YouTube I went at it with a business mindset which means I try to make the best video that I could to actually help the viewers do not think that you could just upload random videos and gain a following and make money that’s just not going to happen so as you all know I have this channel and at the time of this recording I have very close to 60,000 subscribers but I also have another channel and that channel has just a little over 40,000 subscribers so I feel like I have a good understanding of how to grow a YouTube channel now these aren’t very big YouTube channels but they’re big enough that they’re making some decent amount of money and in fact I made a video recently where I showed how much this channel makes on a monthly basis now I’ll link to that video down below so I highly recommend that everybody start a YouTube channel it’s actually my favorite way to make money online the next three businesses are businesses that I have no experience with but they’re actually what I’m most interested in at this time it’s kind of like a new relationship everything’s so new and it’s so exciting and there’s so much to learn about one another that’s what I see about these next three businesses the first business up is I want to sell on Amazon and this is different than the e-commerce store that I mentioned earlier what I want to do here with Amazon is I want to manufacture a product from China have a shift in the to Amazon and from there Amazon takes care of everything basically what Amazon is going to do is take care of all the orders all the shipping all the customer service and all the returns all I have to do is order the product and don’t get overwhelmed with the word manufacturing because it’s not what you think so take this for example this is just a remote for my camera a Canon 70d now if you type in Amazon 70d remote you’re going to see a bunch of sellers with this exact same remote they’re getting it from pretty much the same distributor in China and this is a good example because a lot of sellers are selling this exact same product but what this company has done is branded it so it’s not like you have to invent a product or create something completely brand new all you have to do is put your name on it so this is where it becomes more about marketing and brand recognition and I could really dig that so the next business that I really want to try is creating a clothing line more specifically I want to use something like teespring so using a company like teespring what you are focused on is just creating the design of the clothing and how to market it it’s actually really hands-off because you don’t have to stock inventory you don’t even need to touch the product your job is to get people excited about your design and want to buy it and the hands-off aspect about these businesses is really the ideal situation for me I don’t want to have to deal with you know customers or shipping or even hiring employees I like to be able to keep everything at home and on my own time and there’s a bunch of different websites that are doing the same thing that doesn’t have to be teespring and also don’t worry about not being good with graphic design or using Photoshop or anything like that there are ways around it where you can outsource these designs so I’m definitely looking forward to starting a project like that in the near future all right and the final way that I want to try to make money online is social media so on YouTube I do have somewhat of a presence and the growth of this channel has really come naturally but something that I’ve always struggled at is other social media platforms take Instagram for example I only have like 300 followers on Instagram please follow me and I think growing a following on other social media platforms it’s going to be really challenging for me but this gives me an opportunity to kind of learn new techniques and it actually gives me pretty pumped so you might be asking how can you make money with something like that well when you have a very large following on any platform you become very valuable and attractive to advertisers and this could result into sponsorships brand deals or if you have a big enough following you can even sell your own product and the idea behind all of this is building your own brand and the more eyeballs you have on you means the more money you make so I’m going to wrap it up right there I can’t go into too much detail about any of these businesses this is more of an overview of what can be done and I just want to say again I’m not trying to tell you that these are the only ways to make money online or even the best ways these are just the businesses that I’m interested in doing but let me know what you’re into is there anything on this list that is interesting to you and you would like to see me document my process like would that be helpful let me know down below but I thought I got free today thanks for watching and I’ll see you on the next one [Music]

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