[UltraVid id=18 ]hi friends that we here today I’m super excited to talk to you because I’m going to be talking to you on my very favorite subject and it seems to be a very frequently asked question on the challenge here is how do you become additional Nomad how did you do it what are some jobs that I can do what are some forms of income that I can have so I’m excited to produce a couple of videos that are going to be coming up shortly this one will be the first one and I’m going to give you some examples of digital nomad job so these are jobs that you can do from anywhere in the world from your laptop or your computer there are also other jobs too that are kind of traveling getting paid to travel but I’ll be covering those in a different video so these jobs are fully the ones that you can do from a laptop and as long as you have Wi-Fi connection so let’s get started for more information on my journey how I kind of came to the point of becoming a digital Nomad and living and working remotely from Italy I do have a video on my income and why I’m rich and I have another video on how I discovered my passion and also in my book my ethos which always below it basically explains how I got from point A to point B which is living the dream in Italy in one year so if you’re interested in those like I said they’ll be linked below but for now we’ve got fifteen digital Nomad jobs put together for you so here they are number one is an English teacher and this would be an online English teacher somebody that you could teach English to via Skype or a zoom call there is a large demand for people to learn how to speak English and sometimes a lot of people don’t have the opportunity or don’t have the schedule that allows for them to attend a specific course kind of English is your first language or the language that you’ve completely mastered this could be an option for you to say live and work somewhere in Europe remotely and have a few clients that you be English with on a somewhat daily basis and the great thing about language or practicing a new language and wanting to become fluent in it is that you need to have that consistency so if you can dedicate say an hour to somebody five days a week that’s five hours and say if you have you know four or five lines that’s an add up quite quickly and you can charge a pretty penny city services because it’s very one-on-one it’s very personal and you’re tailoring the lesson to that specific person the next job I have here is a freelance writer so freelance writing it can be difficult to get it in try and reach out to different blogs or join different communities such as Fiverr and just try to get those little jobs out there somebody’s pleased with your work and they’re most likely going to come back to you instead of trying to find somebody else so really promote yourself and promote your writing if you know somebody who works at a company who has a blog you can start there and just get it in with multiple different clients this doesn’t always mean you’re going to enjoy what you’re writing about you’re not always going to be passionate about what you’re writing about but think about the bigger picture is that you get to do this from your laptop and you get to explore the world around you and that way you can be grateful for what you’re doing in addition to freelance writing is also the opportunity of being a blogger and get in case’ blog or say YouTube so these two jobs specifically they do take a little while for you to start making money but if you can start now or a safe you’ve already started then just keep working at it and keeping consistent consistency is key your audience will build no matter what as long as you are consistent it’s just a matter of people discovering you and discovering your content the way you make money from say YouTube and blogs is basically by monetization or by getting grants to sponsor you or send you something for free and then you talk about it in your blog’s be sure that if you argue miss you need to put a disclaimer under your videos or in your blog post that you are being sponsored because it’s only fair to that community the next form of income I have here for a digital nomad is affiliate marketing so this is something that can go hand in hand with a blogger or youtuber and this is where you make a percentage off of products that you are marketing or say linking underneath your videos so anagon has an affiliate marketing program where you can sign as a Phileas and then anything that you mentioned in your videos you can link below and if somebody clicks onto Amazon and say by the camera that you use to film your videos on you will make a percentage of that sale because you are considered to be an affiliate marketer the next job I have here is a web developer if you are somebody who is a web developer you’re probably not even watching this video because you’re probably making a killing already if you know how to code you are in high demand and if you would like to learn how to code and you find that the world of digital website building all that very fascinating you you can travel the world for that okay they are in high demand like I said everybody is pumping out website everybody has a business of wanting website and they’ll need something to maintain it and add special features as time improves and more functions become available so get out there and learn how to code if it’s something that interests you and if you already know because that you’re probably off involving somewhere the next job I have here is a virtual assistant so basically you’re an assistant may be answering emails or putting together emails or computer templates and just kind of fixing up the advantage for somebody who could really use your help there are a lot of virtual assistants needed I know but so many times I wish that I had a virtual assistant because sometimes the spread was a little too thin and there’s just too many things I want to do and if you have skills like really good professional business writing skills or video editing skills things like that that can be really good access to become a virtual assistant and especially time management and organization if you’re somebody who really values that if you like to help people and make their life easier that would be a great job for you the next job I have here is a graphic designer so this could be designing logos for people developing PDF putting together outfits for websites or marketing collateral being a graphic designer is a very creative and amazing job and if you’re really good at it you can really succeed I think if you feel like you really like to be creative and maybe not in the sense that you like to write creatively or have YouTube channel but if you feel like I like to create art on the computer this is a great job for you it’s just a matter of establishing yourself first and using websites such as five or things like that to get your work out there in the first place and those connections and relationships with people and like I said before if they really like your work they’ll come back to you so next selling something online so this could be anywhere from eBay or to be having a Shopify website or to be having something like SC if it’s something where you don’t have a storefront but you can manage everything just shipping purchasing anything like that just from your laptop then this could be a great option for you I know there’s tons of companies out there who is selling say just t-shirts on childhood buy I’m not saying you know go sign up and start selling t-shirts now you kind of need to build that brand story and have a meaningful message behind any products or to get people to invest in it but it’s something that you’re passionate about painted something on SP that you’re selling and you can do it from wherever you are in the world this could be an option for you the next job I have here is a personal trainer to like you guys know my friend Anastasia we’ve done some collaborations on my channel so she gave me this idea to mention this video because she has clients who she trains in Rome Italy right now but she also has clients that she has connected with over the intranet so she’s built an amazing brand for herself and she’s doing amazing thing so if you’re somebody who’s a certified personal trainer you can really situate yourself anywhere in the world and build a clientele is peculiar an outgoing positive person and also if you get up and leave you can also promise your clients that you’ll still be there for them to help them achieve their goals and be a Skype or via zoom call and you can schedule meetings throughout the week just to make sure that their progress is on track the next job I have here is a social media community manager and this is somebody who manages all the social media accounts for a brown so it could be some type of clothing brand it could be a base good it could be a jewelry brand anything like that if this company has an Instagram a snapchat maybe a Facebook page a Twitter you can manage all that and at some possum to avenge that and if you are in the digital marketing world this is something that you’re probably familiar with and you know how powerful customer service can be so being a community manager is definitely a job that all you need is your laptop and help me a few Skype resume calls with your clients every week or two and yeah could be a great option for you the next job I have here is a freelance digital marketer personally what I do and this kind of encompasses a little bit of graphic design a little bit of website stuff a little bit of community management and writing and blogs so digital marketing like like I didn’t like I explained in my book can like to explain in public my videos I had to establish myself first that means that I went a job to a different job I gained a lot of knowledge I also gained a lot of connections from there I felt up freelance clientele and then I achieved the ability to live and work remotely the next freelance cake I have here is to talk to see if you’re somebody who’s very passionate about photography it is this a mantle in the coral there’s always any weddings is always going to be birthdays is always going to be couples that would like photo shoots or individual people who like photo shoots get out there start building up your Instagram and showcase all of your work create a nice website for yourself on say WordPad or Wieck and really start to market yourself and your photography style so some are you really like convinced in the world tabali you start reaching out to say travel magazines in Bali or maybe a local hotels would like something photography you never know where your skill can take you so just really hone in and really own what you’re doing and start sending off your works of people or places that you would like to go and I mean I promise you that you’ll get something in return you can also sell your photography to stock photos like Shutterstock or I stopped photography you don’t get a lot of money for these photos but it’s just a way to kind of get your work out there and maybe make a little bit of money so that could be an option for you as well the next job I have here is a media editor this is anybody who can edit videos you can edit podcast they’re into demand for this like I said there’s so many times when I was doing my mark named work wearing know that I should probably be editing a video because I have a somewhat of a schedule and so if you’re somebody who can do that that is an amazing skill and I think that you should really hone in on that and see what it can do for you this might require you to have special programs on your computer like iMovie or Adobe Creative Cloud in general so be sure that you’re not putting yourself out there for job that you can’t necessarily do because you don’t have the proper program but see what you can and like all the other jobs start promoting yourself the next job I have here is a bit different and maybe you’ve never heard about it before but one of my friends she actually is doing the program right now and that is to become a medical transcriber I’m just transcribing any kind of recordings that physicians have put together she transcribed them all and this is something that you can do anywhere in the world you get the file sent to you and you transcribe it so she is like I said taking a course for this she’s almost completed it but she’s really enjoying it and really just enjoys the fact that she gets so much freedom from that so that’s something that you feel like you could do and find interesting at the same time then look into courses around you there’s online courses for it and then you could learn how to obtain clients and transcribe all these medical documents and helping people this would be a great option for you and lastly the last digital nomad job I have here for working VI years left off is a consultant this could be a business consultant this could be a financial consultant this could be a life coaching consultant there’s so many different jobs whatever you feel like you’re in these shoes and if you’ve already built up a good brand to yourself this could be fairly easy for you to just transport your work elsewhere because you can connect with people via zoom via Skype via whatsapp video chat facebook video chat there are so many resources now that will allow you to be able to live and work remotely and still have clients from all over the world it’s truly a beautiful thing so if there’s something that you’re very passionate about save you’re already a life coach and you really want to travel you know I feel like you you probably already are traveling know your skills I know that you can take them anywhere else in the world lastly I just thought I just point out one more thing whatever your job is go ahead and ask your boss if you can attempt working remotely because the worst that they’ll say is no right it’s like ripping off the band-aid and you know what they say no and you just can kind of laugh it off but if it’s something that you really touch to develop them present a nice case of them like I would really really like it if you would let me work from Bali for a month and I promise that this is the projects that I’ll produce I really feel like I could use this inspiration and this resting period to really kickstart all my ideas and my creativity again so you just never know people are going to say anyways the more videos to come on this topic if you guys like this please give me a thumbs up let me know and subscribe below and I will talk to you again very soon bye you

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