How To Make Money Online: Amazon And The 1.3 Trillion Dollar E-Commerce Industry

everybody wants to make money online I was just talking to a buddy of mine Matt Clark and you know it’s funny because online retail right now I just read past 1.3 trillion dollars and the interesting thing there is that like let’s just take Amazon like I’m you know that I love books so I’m big on Amazon and so Amazon I think does a hundred bill or something a year but I was listening to a little talk this morning I recommend by the way listened to one talk from like an inspiring mentor I was listening to Jeff Bezos and he said that I think something like 30 to 50% of all Amazon sales is through the marketplace on Amazon so it’s not actually like the corporation Amazon doing the sales it’s like little mom-and-pop businesses that are doing you know these half of I don’t know if it’s quite half but whatever you’re doing billions and billions in sales and so Jeff Bezos was talking about how marketplace Amazon Marketplace was this experiment that they did that turned out a lot of the experiments failed at Amazon but that one’s really succeeded the Kindle blah blah blah so you know if you put two and two together everybody wants to make money online and people write me that like people write me that that’s one of the most I’d say five percent of all emails I get I get three to five thousand emails a day five percent are like how can I make money on the internet so if you put two and two together which by the way I call this trend stacking you got to find multiple trends and stack them together Mark Cuban was here at my house playing basketball two days ago and I was like what trends does Mark Cuban see being big he said personalized medicine stuff like that which the only problem of personalized medicine for those of you who have never launched your own business getting in biotech is kind of a big you know you got to have some money a lot of capital behind you but what I’m talking about listen to this Jeff Bezos talk today is that the online retail space is wide open and it’s wide open to people who have never really done an internet business so um you know if you’re looking you should look at this Amazon Marketplace sorry I got a scratch my arm here ah you should look at this Amazon Marketplace selling stuff and people are selling everything from rubber bands or selling books obviously my favorite they’re selling arm they’re selling a lot of health supplement stuff so that’s a cool one if you’re looking for a good way to start and see about making money you could check out you literally just go to Amazon’s website and it’s like under marketplace and I think it’s how to become a marketplace provider or something like that um now there’s a lot of tricks of the trade I got a buddy across the saying I was talking to my friend Matt Clark he’s been big in this and Dobb and he has a training program so you can buy I think there’s some books on how to use the Amazon thing I think Amazon puts out some videos on how to sell on Amazon and it’s not just Amazon by the way there’s also a website called Shopify um you know I’m launching this t-shirt business and we may I usually use my own software but um you may you know Shopify we may end up testing to also will be testing by building our own Amazon Marketplace store so there’s lots of options out there you know Amazon’s the 800-pound gorilla that’s crushing right now so if you want to check that one out um you can try it on your own I think they have some tutorial videos also my buddy Matt Clark has a badass ah to like a training program a premium trading training program I’ll put a link down below um and you know I I usually don’t recommend other people’s stuff that’s like you know my YouTube channel is mostly about what what we’re working on here at knowledge Society and and stuff so but this one I know thousands of people have gone through the training one so you could check it out in the link he put some free videos you can watch but check it out like look whether you do Amazon or whatever without a doubt this is going to be a stupid conversation in 10 years you watch people are going to realize there will be nothing that won’t be Internet related we already see it obviously a TV in movies right blockbuster videos dead you know conventional TV still around me and Kuban had a little debate on this he doesn’t think he thinks TV will be around but it’s already changing the monetization TV places they’re not making money the same way movies aren’t making money in the same way but everything it’s going to be an architecture it’s going to be in medicine MyFitnessPal it’s like internet-based measuring your health everything is going to be at some light starting to get here a little bit crazy when they come back over here everything at one level or another is going to be up on the cloud and so if you look at online retail at 1.3 trillion obviously it’s going to mostly be moved to the cloud people will still go to stores but look at bookstores they’re hardly staying in business because of online retail so you know if you’re looking for a future trend uh and you’re looking to make more money these are great ways try to get into some online retail obviously don’t get in online retail by the way if you don’t care about retail stuff I never say I always say never just chase money so don’t just go I want to make a ton of money because nothing’s that easy look making money on Amazon Marketplace or Shopify or in personalized medicine whatever everything is takes hustle you know mark you and I were talking about that if you saw my Mark Cuban video um you know when he’s in my living room we’re talking about hustles the word but there’s such a thing as smart hustle and dumb hustles dumb hustles where you hustle after something in a dying industry that’s not even going to be there so you instead of that you want to do smart hustle which is you’re chasing good trends trends that have longevity to them online retail is going to have one for sure I don’t think anybody’s arguing that the second thing is you don’t want to be too late good news you don’t have to be the first you know in fact what I try to do in business is let someone else go ahead and pioneer Allen a she told me dude he’s like never be the first to try something new because it usually sucks there’s a long learning curve and there’s no mentors to learn from so the reason like this Matt Clark you know he’s got this Amazon system how you can learn to sell stuff through Amazon Marketplace the reason I like that stuff is those people have already kind of worked out the kinks and so um you know it’s great there’s people using that Amazon selling machine system they’re making you know 500 bucks a month or 50 bucks a month and there’s people doing millions a month with it it depends like for you if you try it I recommend this what I always tell in life experiment so the first step is you can click this little link and see Matt Clark has some and the Amazon there there Amazon selling machine team they just put out some free videos so check out the free videos see if you like it like I said I don’t recommend that much stuff so ah you know this one I’ve seen so many people go through his program and have success and I get emails like I find out what’s working and what’s not working so that’s a great one if you don’t do his system I would still look at the Amazon Marketplace if you literally just go to Amazon comm and click the little marketplace dealio and if you’re somebody who likes to learn all on your own and some people are like that then I think there’s some tutorial videos right on Amazon you can also look at Shopify Shopify is pretty badass for like digital sales like you want to sell t-shirts you want they have these api’s where you can automatically plug into warehouses and automatically plugged into accounting books like the world’s awesome now like I can’t tell you like my house here I get people coming by everyday 20 year olds 30 year old 40 year olds making 50 grand a day I mean a hundred grand a month it’s crazy how much money is being made now I also you know a lot of people are broke because I’ve been there too so I’m not giving this is not a get-rich-quick scheme I’m very anti get-rich-quick schemes this is not any kind of guarantee but what I’m telling you there’s one thing I can guarantee you the only thing is that Warren Buffett was right when he said the more you learn the more you earn and if you’re not willing to become a learning machine you will always be behind the trends you will always see somebody else pulling off what you knew you could have done you will always see people do it faster than you because when you’re pessimistic and not learning you’re always putting yourself at a handicap ah and so you know if you’re at all interested in any kind of this 1.3 trillion dollar trend that’s out there you know click the link check out Matt Clark stuff Google around check out all kinds of different things online retails for real I mean I’m getting into it you see me getting in t-shirts I’m working on some health stuff um and so I’m catching the trends I’m practicing what I preach myself so yeah that’s all I want to say um oh one last thing um here’s the deal on this I don’t want to make clear on this when you go through let’s say you go through Matt Clark’s training program on how to sell and build your own online business using Amazon remember this there is definitely a power to partnering up with a big huge company you know Maya you’re so loud you’re on video thank you sorry I got my team some put them back they’re being loud because Amaya has a loud voice but uh um what I was gonna say is you know the power of partnering with a big company is kind of cool especially like now I’ve done more businesses it’s not as important for me but when I first started out I partnered up with Joel Salatin you know I partnered up with GE Capital which was the largest company in the world and that gave me that kind of safety net that I knew that I wasn’t just dealing with amateurs because I was an amateur so if you’re kind of new to the internet you know doing the Amazon Marketplace is kind of cool because you know you’re partnering up with almost maybe I think Jeff Fez is at one point you know they’re Amazon’s like the best company in America in terms of are the best company in the world in terms of growth rate and power behind it in user base and amount of transaction so it’s a monster if you could grab the tail of a album dragging like Amazon you could fly you know it doesn’t guarantee you’ll fly but the odds go up dramatically so click the little link it might be above and might be a low below check out the the map Clark that amazing selling Amazon selling machine free training stuff they’ve got all levels of training you can start with free stuff if you want to do more so uh yeah and if they ask tell them you saw my video felt I sent you so anyway check it out make sure you subscribe here to my other stuff that I’m doing but online retail some of you not everybody is gonna be a big change you know you look back and be a crossroads I’m gonna get out of here for the big helicopter coming by dr. Soong

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