How To Make Money Online Fast 2 LEGIT Ways On How To Make Money Online FAST

what’s up Morris here I’m going to give you two methods you can start using right now to start making some income that’s right so I don’t want this made to be too long so the first method I’m going to show you is has to do with eBay selling on eBay and no I’m not about to sit here and be like oh just so stuff out of your house or go to garage sales and buy stuff and resell them on eBay no you can make money that way that’s not what I’m going to show you it’s a lot deeper than that I’m in the second way I’m not really gonna explain too much because I don’t want this video to be too long but I’m gonna show you some results up and getting from it and it’s a free method and both these methods are completely different but let’s get into this right now but so this first way is something I’m gonna not I’m gonna call but what it’s called is drop shipping okay um and just for before I keep going I’m not about to do a full-on demonstration I’m listing on eBay because that’s gonna take too long I’m literally going to share with you the concept but I’m gonna give you enough information to where you can start doing this right now okay so it’s called drop shipping and it says crazy concept where you literally are selling physical items online without you owning them literally without your having any inventory or having to ship anything out and it’s done all online so I’m gonna go right into this okay so let’s say um you’re on a site Amazon or let’s use eBay okay and those are doing this a little bit actually what I want you to do open up a different tab because you can literally do this with me um I’ll put a different tab to eBay I mean to Walmart or Amazon and type in any product you want don’t type in any electronics though but other than that you know type in a product or a word that you can think of and there you go so I typed in computer desk and this is what’s all makes sense I’m gonna click on this one this is because it says bestseller this is just for time but usually you want to look up the kind of the hottest selling items on whatever you typed in right I’m going to take that up the title and go over to ebay and I’m going to paste this in here okay now as you can see all the desks pop up is the same exact and but the only difference is the prices are higher some of them are going up to anywhere 135 bucks that I see one higher than that 130 herded almost hundred $40 right here okay so the prices are different all these people on here or at least most of them are what we call drop shippers I do this I teach people to make do drop shipping and they become drop shippers and you can make incredible money I’m talking over $100 a day profit I’ve gotten to the point where I’ve seen three to five hundred bucks a day doing this so it’s really cool and you may not even be trying to make that much money yeah I don’t know I’m just kind of throwing that out there um so here’s what it is okay let me now hear Li break down the concept here a little bit more let’s say you let’s say you go to ebay and you type up computer desk you’re looking for a computer desk let’s say you end up clicking on this person is listing right here it’s a hundred and seven dollars you see that they’re kind of a good buyer but a good seller they got a good rating they’ve already sold two of these desks it’s got a great product rating they’re on their last one and you end up buying this for a hundred and seven dollars this person then takes out a hundred and seven dollars they go on to Walmart or wherever they’re sourcing this desk from and they buy it okay they buy it for 79 bucks but instead of putting their address in they put yours right because you bought from them on eBay so they have your address and so they just keep the profit so dropshippers you can say are like middlemen we get the buyers and the sellers together we make a little kind of like house flipping as well a form of it you know you get a buyer and a seller you make the commission or whatever that’s basically what this is just on a smaller level and it’s in sane okay this is actually I’ve actually dropships that this actual desk it’s a very hot selling desk computer desks just as a tip are always hot so I’m just literally giving you that nobody ever really gives you products dropshippers never give away their products okay but the key with dropshipping is finding products that actually I’m a clock selling basically like hotcakes okay that’s a really good way you can make a lot of money you can use any site you can use Amazon Walmart Home Depot wayfarer overstock whatever as long as it’s legit okay you can use it so there you go now here are some questions people always ask it’s not illegal drop shipping is nothing new it’s been done for the last fifteen years plus even big companies do it um now here are the two more important questions everybody asked and these are the same questions I had when I first started I was scared to death what if they see the box what if they buy it from you and they see it came in a Walmart box or an Amazon box or a home depot box do they care no I’m just going to say no I know that’s hard to believe like I said I had that same question I would go around asking drop shippers and they would say no I say you’re lying and they’d be like it’s just one of those things you have to do for yourself to see like it’s for real right now the bigger question what if they see the price what if the receipt ends up going inside and they see hey this was $79 instead of a hundred and seven dollars right do they care about that no I don’t know if people just don’t look at receipts or they forget what they buy it for I don’t know but if you’re really still uncomfortable here’s another cool thing a lot of sites like Walmart Amazon most a lot of sites have this option they have what’s called the gift option where when you buy these products you can select it’s a gift and so what happens is when you select that little option they don’t put the actual price they don’t put the receipt basically in the box so they don’t know they don’t ever find out but I can tell I you when I first started I use that gift option like crazy because I was scared and then I got kind of put in a situation where I had to you know not have a gift option option and surprisingly they didn’t find out and I never really cared from that point on and I’ve never had any not one person like the only thing people kind of care about is if the item shows up damaged or if it takes too long to get to them that’s the only thing now here’s kind of the drawback with doing this on eBay in the very beginning if it has what’s called a PayPal hold if you’re new to eBay and what happens is when you start making sale and they have this on here to make sure you’re legit seller they have this thing where when you make money when you make some sale on eBay they hold that money a little bit for a little for like thirty days or something like that okay um and basically they don’t release that money until the buyers actually received the product okay um so basically yeah so what happens in the very beginning is you have to basically spend your own money so let’s say you have that paper edit like there’s some more corn like it doesn’t last for forever it gets taken off eventually there’s some requirements you have to meet you have to be a seller for 90 days you have to sold like 25 items it has to be like two hundred and twenty-five dollars worth a lot of money and then once you meet all those requirements they lift that hold off where you get the money instantly so basically you know let’s say you listed this desk and you got paid you can log into your PayPal and you’ll see the money there you just can’t access it so you’ll have to have that $79 out of your own pocket to pay for it front but the thing is you’re going to get that money released to you so it’s not necessary you’re spending your own money but what I’ve seen is people kind of have a hard time running the money in the very beginning so that’s why I’m gonna go and show you I’m actually just going to get I’m just going to show you my results this videos way too long of a different method and yeah in a little bit I’m gonna tell you to click a link so for anybody’s like this is a scam do you want you to click the link yeah I want you to click a link and if you’re that closed-minded just click off the video already but anyways um this second option if you don’t have the money this is something you can use to build in order to get into something like drop shipping or maybe you already have another thing you want to get into so that’s basically what I’m going to kind of go over okay I’m blurring out my email because people have been trying to hack into my PayPal account literally and PayPal has this really annoying feature where people can do money requests and ask for money and it’s just really annoying and so yeah and all they have to have is your email account your paypal email right so I’m just going to log in real quick I’m going a little over a grand um living under bucks in my PayPal account which is pretty freakin sweet and let’s go ahead and go to payments received I’ll show you something mm-hmm wow it’s taking a long time yesterday literally I got a payment of 14 a little over $1,400 from something luring it out but if you want to see it I’m blurred you want to see what this site is and it’s free there’s a link in my video shoot video description you click on to see exactly what this is I show you how to actually make money with it that’s it I thought I’m teasing you right now at the end but drop shipping is amazing go ahead and take that if you have a little bit and you don’t have to start off with hundred dollar products like I was showing you you can start off with twenty dollar products or you know whatever you have the money for you can start off doing that but if you want a free way as well to make some money online or you want to do both do them both like I said click the link in my video description sign up and let’s make some money or I talk to you later and god bless you

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