How To Make Money Online Fast 2016 – 2017 | $600+ FIRST WEEK | eBay Dropshipping

[UltraVid id=16 ]what’s up guys I’m going to take you through here how I’ve been earning money online I’m gonna start out with a you know kind of no bullshit approach so you guys can see the payments I’ve received and yeah I mean that’s what you’re most interested in so I’m gonna log into my PayPal here and I’m going to show you what I made my first week drop shipping I’m going to be adding it up on this calculator because I’ve been drop shipping for just over a month now but I just want to show you guys my first week sales so I’ll just be rounding up to save some time so you can see right here it starts July 29th is my first payment received through drop shipping and I’ll just add these up all right so right there in the first give or take eight to ten days I made $661 so now you can see also you can see more payments here that I have received also payments I have pending and you know it’s no bullshit I’m actually making money so I’m going to go ahead here and give you an example of how dropshipping works and then I’ll be having a separate video that’s going to go into more detail here but so will come here to eBay right you can search anything I found a product ahead of time just to save some time it’s going to take some time for you to find profitable products you’re gonna have to do a little bit of research and find you know what will sell and what will sell out a profitable amount so here I was just looking up office chairs you can see right here we have this Lex Mode office chair listed at 156 free shipping stock photos you can see here those are all short tail signs of dropshippers and if you come into this sellers account this will also give you more feedback that he is a drop shipper you can see all these sales here actually if you go in here you can see how much he’s made in this month right so he’s got nine thousand five hundred sixteen sales this is a very successful drop shipper he may even be wholesaling at this point but you know we’ll take that and realistically you’re going to profit anywhere from four to ten dollars some people will try to profit you know ten twenty it depends on your mode of action some people will sell you know tons of items for two or three dollar profit just to get more sales other people will search more for big sellers some people do make sure but we’ll just multiply this by five saying he’s making an average of five dollars per sale and you know that’s giving us a figure of near fifty thousand just off his positive reviews for this one month and then you can see he has an additional fifty five or views here from this month as well which were also sales some of these negatives may have been refunds and then there’s more than likely a large amount of buyers who also did not leave review because not a lot of people leave reviews on eBay anyway that’s an idea of what this guy is probably making will take this Alexa mode edge office chair and I already have it here on Amazon see here it’s listed at 113 Amazon Prime so free shipping you come back over here he has a list at 156 95 where does it say that this is for free shipping I can’t find it on the screen but you can see sold six already limited quantity available he’s got this nice description that he probably pre-made oh yeah so to put that into context we’ll take the price here one 1398 and we’ll go to this eBay PayPal calculator so that way you can see you know what his end price is so item cost one 1398 come over here to what he has a list of that 156 95 there’s no shipping charge here because remember Amazon’s gonna ship it for free for him so he’s not paying a shipping cost and he’s also not charging a shipping fee and you can see here his profit is twenty to forty two off into this product alone he sold six that’s $120 right there in the bank for him to just pretty much process this sale and have Amazon ship it to the buyers house now also if you look in here he is a eBay store he’s not a loan seller so you click yes here that’s going to give him a little more profit that’s going to up it to essentially $24 he’s not a top site that he’s not a top rated seller so he’s going to miss out on that discount but realistically he probably has been a top rated seller at some point or he’ll make it back to there and that’s essentially what eBay dropshipping is to keep this video short you know just give me a thumbs up leave some comments like I mentioned I’m going to be doing a lot of these videos I’m going to be putting out a more in-depth view of what dropshipping is and how you can start your own dropshipping store this is very easy money to make I guess I’ll answer these questions quick here too most people ask well what about when they receive their package from Amazon or the receipt says Amazon on it well the thing is Amazon offers you to do this thing called perching is purchasing it as a gift so when you do that they’ll ship it to the buyer essentially in incognito there will be no receipt most of the packaging won’t have a amazon label on it so buyers do not know where it’s coming from most buyers honestly don’t even care but yeah the proof is in the pudding yes you can find this for you know forty three dollars cheaper on Amazon but consumers are lazy anyway I’ll have a full more in-depth video about ways to go about drop shipping how to get your business started probably coming next week so give a like give a comment give a subscribe and stay tuned from

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