How To Make Money Online Fast 2016 | EASY $500 DAILY | 100% Full Newbie Proof

[UltraVid id=22 ]hey guys my name is Justin and in this video I want to show you how to make a lot of money online I’ve been making a lot of money online for the past three four years and I’m gonna show you exactly how much money have you making how and where it goes um so yeah I got an account on Clickbank comm what Clickbank is it’s an affiliate digital marketplace I’ll show you oh now I’m logged in so this is my Clickbank and as you can see that is my weekly sales snapshot and that’s my daily sales snapshot so this is how much money I make every day 381 396 362 I don’t start off like that I gradually progressed up and up I started it like 200 a day but from there I finally got the secret and it just became real fun so I’m making this video so you guys can actually start doing it and I’ll show you where to get training from the best kind of training I’ve choose a lot of a lot of programs like take surveys for cash affilorama Russ um Google Sniper that was the worst one Google Sniper was really bad but anyways enough of that chitchat so what you want to do first is going to Clickbank calm I’ll keep a link in the description once you’re there create an account after creating an account you want to go to the marketplace very simply to get there just go to click banks home page you click affiliate marketplace and from here we can start making money doing affiliate marketing so what is affiliate marketing anyway affiliate marketing is the process of earning a commission or a half by half of the money by promoting other people’s products you find a product you like what we’re doing right now promote it to others and earn anywhere from up to 50 to 75% of the money if you can sell it through whatever you’re doing whatever traffic you can get to the link so let’s pick a product first I’m going to choose something like home and garden there’s bunch of products countless products you can choose from spark your creativity anyways choose something that you would can talk about well or have some experience with this one’s that on line dog trainer let’s check it out first thing you want to do is check it out so this is the online dog trainer website what you’re going to do is pretend you’re in the customers point of view so just imagine don’t think about yourself think about someone who wanted to actually learn how to train the dog would there be able to do it through this website does it look like it’s trustworthy bah bah bah bah bah make sure you do that would someone actually want to pay money to do this as long as it looks good and I looks like a will convert really well then go ahead choose it so I’m going to go with this one the online dog trainer so what you want to do is go back to Clickbank and click on promotes okay um you can also see how much commission you’re going to get you’re going to get 70% of the money if someone buys anything so go ahead and type in then you pop up it just came out when I click promote your username for Clickbank so that account can get credited with the money you don’t want to be giving it to other people so now we get this messy link as you can see but this link if anyone goes through it redirects to the online dog trainer and anyone that were to buy it through here your Clickbank account will gain money to make sure that’s right click on start my trial today or the Buy button whatever and if you scroll back to the bottom you can actually see it says affiliate equals blazer because we went to that special link now who would actually want to click a link that looks that messy it looks like a scam or something doesn’t it so what we do is a little tip go to tiny URL or any URL Boop short in anything like Google’s got one as well they got it’s called Google or something anyways typing the long URL paste it make tiny URL and then you get a small URL that you can use now so if you look good to this URL it just goes straight to the online dog trainer and I’ll get credited if anyone buys it through that link okay you’ve got that or some sweep now I’m going to show you my seat one of my secrets one of my top 10 see because I got a lot of secrets out I get used to make traffic on the internet to make a lot of money and all these secrets I have in the Clickbank passive income program I’ve been using it for a year or two now and I fucking love it sorry about the language but I just love it it’s any other product cannot compete to this one this one just shows you everything in here for 2016 the peeking methods that you should use to make money online so what you want to do is go ahead and sign up for it and click on training and then you got paid traffic promotion free traffic promotion you also get special bonuses gotta do everything here to make money on it pretty much ok so you can click on these you get the PDFs for free all of them for free so one of the paid traffic promotions they show you how to do is simply by going on YouTube and searching for the keyword that is relative to the thing I want to train so let’s say I wanted to train so let’s say I wanted to do something like training dog these get a lot of traffic on people that want to learn how to make the train dogs so what you do is you get in contact with the youtubers to click here and go to about and then see here should most people they should have a business inquiry email or something key Facebook getting in contact with them this guy doesn’t but let me show you what I’ve done with in the past so transformation this would be for a product on how to lose weight or how to gain weight or something like that how to get a good body so I got in contact with this guy and I got my link in the description pretty much um yeah I contacted him and he said I’ll pay him every month like $30 and I end up getting like thousands out of it so it really does work that’s just one of the small small little tips that come with the Clickbank passive income there’s so many other free ways to make money online this wasn’t it free ways as a paid way that was in the Clickbank passive income and I was just showing you two for free if you want to check out the whole program so you can start making money online this isn’t a scam I don’t care if you check it out or not I’m just recommending you guys check out Clickbank passive income because that’s where I started making peaking loads amount of money now that’s all I have to say if you have any questions leave a comment and also put my facebook in the like I did in my other video so I’ll try and get in contact with you if I can because just like five messages every single day can’t keep up with them but yeah guys thanks for watching sale

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