How To Make Money Online in 2017 – Amazon

[UltraVid id=12 ]hey my friends what’s going on cater here on a beautiful beautiful day my friends so in this video guys let’s talk about how to make money in 2017 using Amazon alright Amazon is one of the best place that you can actually use this ton this pros I just started this Amazon business I have many other businesses but I say hey you know what let’s tackle Amazon in 2017 I’m going to show you two ways in this video on how you can actually make money with Amazon alright so stay tuned [Music] boom so okay guys pound that boon for actually watching this video so with Amazon right one of the ways that I know you can make money that’s the easiest way that you don’t have to do much is with a failure so you can become an Amazon associate so you go to the website you become an Amazon associate and now what’s going to happen you get anywhere between four to twelve percent so whenever you make a sale you get anywhere between four to twelve percent I have the camera that I’m actually shooting in this video is the Canon EOS 70d okay so I did a review for this camera I put it on my youtube channel and there’s a couple of other people that does the same thing that I did a couple of other youtubers you love the camera they love the view city buddy from my leg sign it up getting like 4% of the sell now it’s not a lot of money but when you’re looking at a camera that’s over two thousand dollars you know four percent could be you know you know getting a little chump change but now what’s going to happen is that if you have more multiple items you have different stuff that you use anything that you buy from Amazon or you buy if you can find it on the website what you could do is make a review about it if it’s in your house then you can sell it you know you can actually refer people to it not sell it refer people to it and therefore you get an affiliate Commission from Amazon so that’s one one of the first way you can actually make money with Amazon now the second way which is a little bit you know ticketing a step further is to become an Amazon seller now I was introduced to that one hour in Vegas right one of my main troll he’s crushing I think he’s making over 10k a day with Amazon just really crushing it that way that’s why you do drop shipping with Amazon now that it’s not FBA I know some people you do every year where you can actually this is something else you know since I said I was going to give you two we’re not going to talk much about FBA where you actually get a bunch of item and stacks and you can have you know you can have them delivered to a store of Amazon Fulfillment Center where Amazon will actually fulfill this stuff for you in charge you a fee which is taking it to a whole next in the next level after drop shipping what you can do is become an Amazon seller where you can do drop shipping with that since I’m very familiar with shopify ecommerce which avila and eBay so that’s kind easier so let me give you the pro so I started this account this is a brand new account but if I got that I just got a sale right now as I’m speaking to you that just came through but I’ll show you here um how many cells that has been getting I missed a brand new account so I don’t know if you guys can see it let’s zoom in give me two hundred and twenty three dollars and two hundred and twenty-eight dollars I’m gonna get paid and absolute twelve items and that’s totally automation now later you don’t touch this stuff at all hey guys what’s going on so cater we jump into my computer because I wanted to show you exactly how to do it I didn’t want to just give you guys me talking training so what you want to do for the Amazon affiliate let’s just go to Google associate Amazon associate what you want to do is to go to Amazon right associates and then you know pull up that is gonna give you the application so what you want to do is click on join now join I it’s free so I can login into I have a couple of accounts well Amazon you can only have one account per household so if you want to [Music] like this account over here you guys can see that I just started this account and it has one hundred and twelve dollars in it with a total earning over here job I haven’t even looked at it that’s one way that you can do this is this is we just YouTube people buying stuff you know total shit like people buy ten items from it so I mean it’s not a lot of money it’s like you know one hundred and twelve dollars but hey it’s great now this is associate now let’s go to become an Amazon seller so remember what I told you become an associate alright so you want to become an associate when you become an associate and you want to just make videos about products that that you buying from Amazon so if you’re buying stuff use you to make product reviews so associate become an associate do videos the videos of product reviews okay so you make videos you know meet this video review for whatever so let’s say your girl and you bug this makeup pack so you do review for this makeup pack and you invite people to buy it by going to your amazon link so you put your amazon link that’s how i made that money that i just showed you earlier than hundred and twelve dollars it’s from the camera I have a camera I just started this in your account and boom ungentle dollars now what I showed you in my cell phone earlier now this is doing my Amazon associate now the next one is to become a seller okay we do drop shipping with seller now what you want to do now you’re gonna go to Google now okay you’re gonna go to Google now this is straight training guys Google put Amazon seller okay this is how you can make money in 2017 guy stuff that’s working right now okay and then go to seller central that’s already giving me logging in and if I go here you guys can see in the last seven days in me 221 dollars I just started it it made 631 dollars in the last 30 days I mean I literally do nothing at all so here’s how the concept for the Amazon seller goes okay the concept goes like this so you find products you find products you list them you create an Amazon store it’s pretty easy once you become a seller you create a product you create a store okay so this would be your store you have this little Amazon store and now you start adding products so it will be product number 1 p1 product number 2 you know on on you can do a niche store if you want or you can just sell whatever random okay product number 3 now this is how to build go so you’re doing draft shipping what you want to do is to find the products all the places whether that’s eBay whether that’s you know anywhere else that you can find it you know bombs and nobles if you’re selling books if you’re selling whatever else but I highly recommend starting out with eBay right and then when someone buys the product from you you know let’s say this product product number one you set it up for um seventy dollars all right seventy dollars but then you can find that product on eBay for 40 bucks so whenever someone buys it from your Amazon the good with Amazon you know compared to Shopify guys is that they have beast traffic I don’t have to worry I don’t do Facebook ads this is something that you don’t have to have Facebook ads but you need money let me put that up front you need with associate you don’t need to have any money okay because you just referring people to buy stuff but it’s less the percentage you can make is way less okay with seller you need money okay I’ll see at least have five hundred to a thousand dollars even up to two thousand dollars to start this business as a seller okay because what’s going to happen when someone buy something from your Amazon they’ll pay you the next day like if you don’t ecommerce with Shopify you get the sellers you get the the customers money the next day so you can go and purchase the item what Amazon you get paid every 15 so you’re gonna get paid on the 15 so if you Seoul you know a hundred of these things that’s gonna be seven thousand dollars that you have to spend like you know that’s gonna you’re gonna make seven thousand dollars but you’re not gonna see SKU on me I movie needs your attention be quiet i movie you’re not gonna see squat of that money until the 15 of the month so if you sell a hundred of these you’re gonna need four thousand dollars to buy it so if you say let’s say you sold a hundred a hundred of these you sold a hundred cuz you’re gonna go to ebay and buy them so this would be e Bay over here right so you go to ebay inviting my forty bucks yes you’re gonna make you know you’re gonna make $3,000 profit because you’re gonna be you’re gonna get seventy K because you would get 70 K if you sold a hundred and then you’re gonna go buy them for forty bucks you’re gonna make 30 K in profit but you gotta have what am I saying that 30 K um what is it no you’re gonna make 3 K I mean this would be for 7 K my bad Matt Matt 70 K but seven thousand dollars you would make from your consumers and customers but then you gotta go to ebay and spend four thousand dollars to acquire those items so if you don’t have that money and you start selling crazy you’re gonna be deep trouble and remember Amazon is it’s one of the tap seller when it comes to online today we want you to buy the people stuff and send it out because they don’t want that name to be messed up so Amazon then will shut down your account real fast real quick so what’s the upside with this the upside is the fact that you don’t have to provide the traffic so in the beginning is the tactic the secret you want to list your you want to list your item as the lowest from everybody else you might have to take some L in the beginning when you’re just getting started so that you can get your rating up so once your rating is up you like you know you have three four five stars you can start competing with other people and going for a higher price but in the beginning you might have to take some L just so you can take your rating up but once you got that’s going up you can start making a crushing ok same thing will go for product to your gonna go to ebay to sauce it any other place to sauce it if it’s like for 30 dollars or so okay and then that’s the whole thing guys and that’s how I’m gonna be building this stuff now now if you want to take it to the next level you see these things I’m not touching them at all I don’t like the seller account I don’t touch them at all I have someone else what I did I hire a v8 my mentor actually taught me that I hired a VA that take care of the stove so shipping out of items so she she’s putting like 50 items a day from so 50 items a day and I pay her like 50 bucks so I don’t have to worry your by she does the she does the look into the items was good was not good so these doing that and then she’s fulfilling the item so this is all I’m looking for is a profit I want to get it to stop making 10k a day and where my profit could be at least you know my profit could be if my profit is $2,000 to $3,000 where I don’t have to do nothing when they take care of everything the VA s I can just stay every day just chillin and have you know and and have a 1k or 1k you know 1k day so every like 30 K a month you know if it’s 2 K it will be like 60 K month so I can literally just passively create 60,000 dollars a month with this business model without without doing anything at all because I’m outsourcing everything out to the VA and they putting all the stuff and you making the money this is how you take yourself out of the business guys if you truly want to build a business where you got slaving away always look to leverage always look hi you know in the beginning first I say you learn how to set it up learn how to put it together and then get yourself out of the picture get those people to take care of it all you’re doing is just overseeing and taking profits you know a lot of my business like Shopify a lot of it is that way I’m not even doing anything I take myself out and then I let those people run the store so you could do stuff like that anyway guys I hope this was massive value to you if you do find value in this video 2017 we can crush it okay to a whole next level what I want you to do I want you to like this video comment subscribe to the channel I’m gonna keep bringing massive value like this to you we proofread students with myself with other people making stuff happen so if you don’t jump if you’re watching on the side you don’t jump you don’t make stuff happen for yourself come on man come on woman it’s this your time you’re out you got all the information I’m giving you guys what’s working you got all the information to make this stuff works for you you know you deserve it you deserve it I believe in you you can go crush it this year I want to make it one of the best year for all of you that follows me on youtube if you follow my tips and strategy that I’m giving out for free for free guys I believe you guys can go out and create some amazing results for your family so make no excuses and let’s crush this year let’s crush it the whole next level let’s crush it like we never crushed it before so that being said guys also if you want more information my boy have I’m gonna put a link down below to a training for Amazon if you want to get more deeper like you know I’m how to set up your store how to set all that stuff up you know I want you to leave a comment below I’m not gonna put the link in this video I just want you to leave a comment below let me know and I contact you I let me know if Amazon is something that you want to take to the next level that I can connect you to my mentor always making over 10k a day with Amazon and you guys can crush it okay and later on in the future I might just put a link under this video send you guys directly to the training if you guys wanted but if you don’t see you just make sure you comment and say hey Kane or what’s up I’m down for this stuff let’s do it just make it happen and I can connect you with my boy and I can connect you to the training also but anyway guys let’s crush it now a skater with my appreciation for you I’ll see you guys later bye I’m shout out to the subscriber who won actually in my contest giveaway I give over $25 if you want to be part of it what you gotta do is to follow the step like comment this video share it also follow me the link in the description you can follow me on Facebook Instagram Twitter and all those places and I choose one on my subscriber and on one of those places who acts you know who stay active on my channels and the stuff that I do and I give up I give out a giveaway every week [Music]

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