How to Make Money Online: Real Advice and Legit Answers

hey everybody this is roberto blake of helping you create something awesome today and today’s video I want to talk about how to make money online I’m going to give you actual legit answers and strategies for this just like I have in my previous videos many of you in the comments you’ve loved and enjoyed that content but you didn’t feel like there were a lot of specifics when I do a top 5 or our top 10 list style video for that so in this one I’m going to have more of a conversation with you about some of those detailed steps in how to make money online using different platforms and using different forms of content and media none of this is any type of get-rich-quick scheme none of this is overnight success it’s going to take you real work and real effort and in some cases real actual skills now let’s go through a quick disclaimer this is April 2017 so as of the making this video I don’t have a course to sell you I don’t have a book to sell you so for all the cynics out there because I know that you wear this badge of honor on your chest about being cynical and skeptical about everything congratulations you can continue watching the video one of the things I did to make money online very early I was a younger person when I was doing this and a lot of you will understand this one is sell stuff on eBay one of the things I did back in the early days of the internet was I used to sell things that were related to a lot of my hobbies on the Internet to other people whether that was stuff from my tabletop gaming like Warhammer 40k whether it was Magic the Gathering cards Pokemon stuff that was the kind of things I was selling on the Internet also I was buying and then repurposing upgrading and selling used computers and computer parts and components this is something that’s very practical for you to do you can clean out your garage your house if you’re moving like I am to Atlanta there’s plenty of stuff you can find you can use your phone app and you can snap in you can sell it on eBay but you can also sell this stuff on Amazon Amazon lets you sell used items as well if I wasn’t passing down so my camera gear to my sister who’s going to college in New York then I would be selling that stuff probably on Amazon or Ebay Facebook also lets you set up like a marketplace kind of like an online garage sale so you can actually sell your old items online and that is an extremely practical thing to do you may not get rich off of that but you can clear out some space and from a cash flow standpoint it’s a pretty quick turnaround so I would just consider doing that if you have things they’re just taking up room that you could stand to get rid of that other people might want so this one the second one is something that I also did pretty much in the early days but I didn’t master it until much later took I think maybe two or three years for me to really get a system in place for this and that was starting my own website and blog what I did with that was I went to was slash Adsense and now it’s just Adsense com I signed up for a Google Adsense account as a publisher and what this meant is that with having my own hosted website my own comm and having my blog there I was able to write content and write articles interview other artists designers and creatives Photoshop people and I was able to run advertising against my website and I was able to make some money off of that did I make a lot of money off of that did I make a crap ton of money no but I was starting to make hundreds of dollars after a few months pretty easily because I was increasing the traffic to my website because people were actually interested in it whatever you’re interested in whether your niche is design or photography or maybe it’s movies and film or maybe it’s Fitness you could go ahead and you can start a website or a blog people have done this and built six-figure businesses around it and you can make money off to advertising but advertising isn’t the only way to make money with a website you can also do affiliate marketing programs so here’s how this works with the advertising stuff in terms of the banner advertisements Google pays you for every thousand views of those banners it also pays you if people click on those and you make a certain amount of money depending on the niche the genre that you have you will make more money than others what I will tell you is that the people who pay more are web hosting companies insurance companies IP companies big b2b businesses and things like that which means that if you have something in terms of content that is more related to that you’ll get better placement of advertising and you will make more money Google does not pay you until you’ve reached $100 minimum threshold of what you’ve earned what that means is even if you only earn $50 this month if it takes two or three months and then you make over a hundred if that 50 you already made will roll over in that payout so that’s how that is going to work that’s how you’re going to make your money there I like affiliate marketing on websites a little better than that because you’re paid per transaction doing a blog about photography or about laptop reviews makes a lot of sense because with Amazon specifically you can get pretty decent commissions from that so that’s why I like about Amazon affiliate marketing I’ve done several videos on this YouTube channel to talk about Amazon affiliate marketing including five ways you can make more money from affiliate marketing and I do very well there I make thousands of dollars a month off of affiliate marketing as a whole by using multiple different affiliate systems not just Amazon but also the web hosting companies and other plugins and apps security plugins just different things and their products and services that I use in my day to day business the camera gear that I recommend is the camera gear that I use to shoot my youtube videos I’ve shied over a thousand videos just on this one YouTube channel plus stuff for clients I was doing wedding photography when I was a teenager so I built websites around things that I knew things I understood things that I liked or that had a professional experience in I built these what you would call niche websites or blogs and then I would post the ads from Google I would also post affiliate revenue stuff in terms of the reviews of whatever I had and then a picture of it that’s a banner that links out to the website whether it’s Amazon eBay has a partner program for this that you can sign up for or I think even Newegg also has one etc you can do those things and then you make a commission BH Photo Video has this as well so whatever websites you want to use whatever affiliate marketing places you want to use if you have multiple websites that are very specific very niche and speak about like a very very important topic that would translate the sales like again what camera to buy what laptop to buy what phone to buy then that could be very profitable for you with laptop reviews I think every time someone buys a laptop by average about twenty dollars per laptop so if you’re getting thousands of views a month that is a good way and a good system for making a lot of affiliate revenue on recommending something that you use or that you have expert advice on so that’s how you would make money using a website it’s not the only way though with a website you can sell your own product or service or you could also directly sell advertising for sponsored posts or you can sell an ad block and you can do that directly so if you’re local and there’s a local business that wants to advertise your website or even there’s a business abroad you can just tell them how much it costs for the month and then you could put their banner ad there put a tracking link with bitly or something like that in place so you can tell them how many people clicked on it and then you can just make sure you’re billing them or that you’re taking the money upfront however you want to do it so these are the ways that with a website you can make money online if you’re going to do web hosting I know that that is something a lot of you may not know where to get that I’m going to recommend two possible options I’m going to recommend Bluehost calm or Hostgator calm so you go to roberto blake comm slash Bluehost that’s my affiliate link that does help me out you can set up a website I’m using them for a couple of my sites Hostgator I also have to set up some tutorials on that website and I like to actually just segregate where I host on my websites I’ve used everybody but my favorite postings are Bluehost Hostgator Namecheap and if you can’t code or you don’t want to use WordPress to make a blog you can use Wix com it’s a visual editor I’m going to link to these in the description and I’m going to link to a couple of books and resources that could help you but if you go to my links for that that does help me out aside from websites obviously you can make money on YouTube even with all the add boycott stuff that’s going on you can still make a lot of money on YouTube I still make thousands of dollars a month directly on YouTube from advertising and you know I still feel like that could be a very significant revenue stream I wouldn’t rely on it to live off of I could live off of it I choose not to so what I would say about that is that won’t happen overnight either I’ve been on this platform actively for four years and I would say the first year I was making money but not why I would consider real money I would consider oh you could pay a bill with that oh you could buy a new computer with that you know month a month a few hundred bucks is why I think I was making in the first year but after that first year a few hundred started to add up and I think within that first year I started clearing close to a thousand and so on and so forth so the way that works is also just like Google Adsense you have to sign up for Google Adsense and then you link it to your YouTube account and then based on the views and based on clicks on ads you will make money there and so that’s how that’s going to work YouTube plays advertisements in front of your content it also puts banners on the side or sometimes on the bottom of the video and because the advertiser is getting seen by an audience they care about they start to pay you some money from that again you have to meet a one hundred dollar threshold before they write and send out that check or give you that direct deposit you also can tie affiliate marketing and sponsorships over to YouTube as well and that’s another way to make money online one of the other ways I’ve made money online that I don’t think I give enough attention I should make a dedicated video about is writing articles I started with writing articles on my own blog and that did make me some money eventually some smaller publications came to me and I wrote for them as well some paid and some for free eventually because I had hundreds of articles had proven that I can write on certain subjects I was able to start doing paid articles for a few hundred dollars a piece when I started out I think I was getting 150 after doing the smaller blogs where I think I got maybe 50 or 60 but I didn’t have like a word count limit or anything like that I could write short post and still get 50 60 or up to $100 when I started writing stuff that was 500 to 800 words it went up to 150 and then eventually 250 and higher and 500 so being able to write 500 to a thousand word articles as a minimum now I get between usually 250 for something shorter and a thousand to 500 for something bigger and also depends on if I include a video so it just depends on who the publication is what they want and what their budgets look like but that’s fairly straightforward if you are an expert on something or you have experience maybe that takes you an hour two hours and you make a few hundred bucks and sure that’s not glamorous is making money in your sleep but it’s also really practical to be able to get your online money you should have a few different things set up in place you should have a PayPal account I’d also recommend considering a venmo account and a stripe account as well these different payment systems are going to allow you to collect money from people there might be some fees associated with that so you just have to keep that in mind and I would also set up two different email addresses from your regular email address for those accounts and the reason for that is for safety and security and just making sure that these are email addresses that people only have if they’re paying you so that would be my answer to that from a security standpoint you don’t want somebody getting into the account that has your money in it for the money they make online you have to pay taxes on it just like anything else you have to declare it you have to say that hey this is income I made and then you have to pay taxes on a lot of these platforms I’ve talked about definitely have 1099 forms including the freelance websites that I used when I was doing work online at the designer using freelance websites so if you make enough money or any money often they’ll send you a 1099 I also know that print-on-demand websites things like Spreadshirt and Zazzle and CafePress if you’re selling online products like t-shirts or posters or mugs or anything like that these websites also send you that stuff when tax time comes and then you just have to report it so report your income and your earnings pay your appropriate taxes you don’t want to create a problem there and just make sure that you understand where all your money is coming from because that’s just good to know in general this is answered some of your questions on how you actually make money online I will probably make some specific videos about how I made money online doing writing or doing freelancing or you know selling t-shirts or any of those things if they’re interesting to you I definitely talked about the affiliate marketing stuff I’ve talked about how I made money on YouTube before I probably should get more into how you make money with blogs and niche microsites so if you have questions about that stuff leave them in the comments section I’ll try and answer them and help you guys out tell me what videos like that you’d like me to make in the future like this video if you liked it don’t forget to subscribe check out the other awesome stuff on the channel remember I’ve linked up resources and ebooks for you in the description below to help you guys out as always thanks so much for watching and don’t forget create something awesome today take care [Music]

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