How to Make Money Online using Amazon!

[UltraVid id=15 ]what’s up YouTube it’s me Rashad 360 waves process Rashad and so now I’m about to show you guys how to make money online using Amazon I’ve been making money with Amazon for about the past two years and it’s very profitable and I’m going to show you guys the message that I’ve been using so if you got a youtube channel you can use these methods to increase your income just to get into it we’re going to talk about Amazon merch we’re going to talk about Amazon Associates and everyone’s talk about Amazon FBA and these are the three most profitable ways that you can make money with Amazon and I’m bout to talk about it so make sure you hit the like button if you like these business videos let’s get into it JA first I’m going to talk about Amazon merch Amazon murder it’s basically Amazon’s approach was providing creators with an extra form of monetization for their content I recommend you guys do this especially if you’re a youtuber and you’re in it like a niche type field this could be very lucrative for you alright I know you guys haven’t seen me do it down much on this channel because I haven’t really branded this channel yes I’m working on branding it but on my earlier traveling on me already doing it so basically I got some shirts right here let me show you guys what it is these actually came from elders armor no I’m gonna show you guys this when I was on Merc you can only get into it by unconsenting only not everybody gets accepted unfortunately all right when I was first trying to get into it a lot of people where I’m just crying online softer by 10 minutes and I was on merch and this and that and then talking about audio five years ago we’re not going to go play like a long time ago and they still haven’t got a reply so I just recommend when your audience is fairly strong and solid that means you go ahead and do it also if your website that adds to your reputation and I’ll also improve your chances of getting accepted into if I want to say you guys that shirt this shirt actually it’s a pretty good quality shirt if you see it’s fitted let me put it over quick that’s a pretty fresh shirt let me do it lips little quick nama plan but look you know I mean it’s fresh it’s it real good which I think you can also get stuff printed on the back or whatever you can get it like usually are real quick so yeah I mean that chill that’s chill be shirts aren’t ready for this audience but if you’re going on gonna be a link in the description no no means chill to my shirt is fresh you have one school colors that we get you see what I mean these are the first editions this was actually washed and this still fresh check it out it isn’t Saylor that’s it so I’m very happy with the quality of the shirt pretty cool I got another color right here let me just show you out real quick because I know you’re gonna be very interested in SW and yeah it’s pretty soon I just uploaded my mods design on to the Amazon merch little interface it’s real quick and easy and you see what I mean this is a large right here the shirt that I was wearing earlier I was the medium CA stays pretty children’s you know this but yeah y’all so that’s Amazon first let’s talk about the money part of that and how much you could possibly make basically Amazon does everything they created shirt they put so logo one-day ship it off to the customer you know I mean it takes this process of the order day to everything and takes your return and that’s partly reason why I like these I don’t have to deal with none of that t-shirt stuff alright it’s already hard enough for me to deal with my breast myself you see but look I thought so much the amount of money you make per shirt is determined by the list price which you choose – the cost of the shirt plus Amazon listing fee if I charge $19.99 for my shirt I will make six dollars 18 cent per shirt so if you wanted to make a little bit more money you can choose the anvil shirts to print your logos on and as you can see you’ll earn more money because it’s less expensive to print on these shirts compared to the other shirts if you wanted to earn more money all you have to do is charge more for the shirt as you can see the cost and listen seat remains somewhat constant and then your estimated amount per shirt increases dramatically so that’s Amazon mur it’s really cute now let me let y’all know this up front it’s difficult man I still have contracted I’ve been making less money when I was on merch I try to do a photo shoot on that I got step my game I watched it on my other channels I love my design just wasn’t catching up on my own my audience or whatever it hasn’t done as well as I thought I was going to do all right and I’m saying this because like I know it to my audience and I sold less than 30 shirt like three four or five months you know what I mean so you see what I need I just make it because I haven’t ever motion 10 months or whatever but I’ve gotta figure out how to fill these t-shirt merch or maybe I’m charging too much who knows I gotta figure it out my last just a little bit of advice with Amazon merch basically you have to try stuff you know I mean try ribbon design it’s very good that you’re not going in buying a thousand shirts with one logos and then figuring out that that logo flock and your audience don’t really like that and then you got thousand shirts with this much money you see what I mean so this is a good interest for you to just test up at low-cost see with the audience like you know to me it is looking for the audience so that’s it with Amazon merch I hope you guys take that tip doing youtuber or USANA clean your mind you’ve got website try implement that strategy if you see it fit let’s go on to the next minute you can make money with Amazon the next way that you can make money using Amazon is with Amazon is OC I explained this in my video for how to make more money from YouTube alright so I didn’t go too deep into how you can do this basically I’m Mazar associate is an affiliate program this is the main way I make money with Amazon alright I’ve been doing it for a while most of my revenue from Amazon Associates come from my website because I recommend products on my website 360 way crossers calm and go out means there are citizens and I gain Commission people buy it it’s real simple alright and it’s not no sleazy way of me just recommend a random product as real product that I actually use and recommend and I’ll put them on my website and I write about them in lifeless I like this product right here just probably just good for this blah blah blah blah blah have a picture of the product right here you clicked our pictures go to we could buy that you see I’m going to also have the Omnitech link with the name of the product online click down me straight to Amazon and I gain the commission the commission from Amazon Associates is relatively low compared to other affiliates markets out there I used to kind of dabble with affiliate market car Clickbank but more or less I don’t work with Clickbank like that anymore all right click things it’s not as awesome thing right now but like their affiliate commissions are like from 40% to like even up to like 80% you see what I mean so I was kind of reluctant to go Amazon when I heard Oh Amazon was giving up 6% 4% affiliate Commission you see what I mean it all sounds so good but one thing that’s very good about the Amazon Associates Program is that like if someone clicks your arms your affiliate links no matter what state box and Amazon within the next game I believe it those those 24-hour cookies if they’d buy anything for Amazon after clicking on link and on matters is what they clicked on or not then you get a commission for that alright and that is what makes up the difference true and that’s what just makes your earnings go kind of rock your Amazon Associates alright so yeah a lot of the products that might get Commission for I don’t need this promotion through my Amazon links or whatever you see what I mean so that’s one big benefit about the Amazon Associates Program and I really recommend it I’ve been doing very well with it I popped up this on the sitting right there you see this is my money so far I’m design about three hundred dollars and some change and it’s just neat listen my life here on me and doing what I do regularly with my youtube channel and blah blah blah blah blah yeah if you don’t have the website couldn’t do it with your YouTube channels I don’t do it on this channel like that because I don’t really talk about products in the show you see what I mean and I don’t try and make videos to talk about products forcing it no I don’t do that I just naturally do it alright and that’s all I recommend you do is if you want to be successful where I’m a diagnosis naturally do it when you see sick alright and that’s what it is also as far as Amazon Associates they’re CTMS basically like I’m cost per view as well but you get a thousand views or whatever don’t give you a certain amount of money like two dollars four thousand views of the advertisement so it just goes wampa been pregnant I dabbled with it but I kind of took advertising off my website because I my own product and I don’t wanna compete with my own project without risers you see what I mean it’s not going to fish it for me and that moves us into the next tips of how you can make money to present it without a sign I currently do not need a tip right here but I think it to do it and it is a very beneficial it’s just this smart smart moves nowadays I knew it and I’m going to eventually take a step to fully go through with it but I’m not cleanse you guys wife I’m not doing it currently but anyways is Amazon FBA alright basically that you have a product liking it you have a product more products abreast all right jumper good for my other argument right and my selling on my website but basically when I was on FBA is if I have any story of this product right here I can shift this a numbers on a certain number of these I’m listed on Amazon and that’s very beneficial because Amazon has a large customer base you see what I mean it is my product is on Amazon it’s in the eyes of a lot of people warm within the by so to see from what I’ve heard from what I’ve seen from what I could know because I know what’s up in the business world people are raking in money with Amazon that’s be a alright they set up right you can make a lot of money with me all right I can’t resell you out too much for example because I have already been doing it myself but I can tell y’all people doing it I know people doing it and I know that value because I’m basically an Amazon Associates person I’ll promote products on Amazon and I see how much I still owe Amazon by promote other people products and I just needed value in it alright I shouldn’t call you and it’s very valuable and I won’t be doing it pretty soon but I just not doing it now because basically see this barcode almost broke my flat yeah alright but no see this bar so right here is basically called a UPC a huge vertical chronicles and this is a fake UPC I just digital online goes click and then you need to get one of those I think an official UPC if you want to sell them a design etc etc I’m going to talk about it too much maybe in the future video but yeah y’all when my shit refreshes I’m gonna have a real UCC and I means I’m gonna be on amazon selling my breakfast I’m already dating one too because I want to keep my friend this I want to offer myself like squeeze but it’s not smart because my competitors are on Amazon and I’m not going to just let them all get on that market without you know me it’s not just business move so anyways I don’t say y’all make sure you hit the like button subscribe absolute 60 way process the shot those are three ways that you can make money with Amazon all right two of those ways I do the third way I’m about to be doing soon and yeah you guys I’m gonna see you guys in my next business video I hope you guys liked it um I got a how to graduate college debt-free that’s coming out pretty soon I got Community College Brookes University got coming up pretty soon I got I met your website what else do I have I got a whole bunch of the business videos if you like these business videos make sure you hit that young like button let’s get 2599 mindfulness and I’ll be cool and yeah you’re on the CR my next video peace

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