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[UltraVid id=21 ]hey there everyone hit a sheer back again with another video in this video we will talk about how to make money online and let’s have the customary line that you see in every video every blog post hey by the end of this video or reading this blog post you will make $100,000 why just hundred thousand let’s make it a million dollar billion dollar a trillion-dollar here’s the proof my bank account my credit card statement I made so much of the money by sitting at the beach drinking my beer and all that money just flowed up because I knew an awesome trick online these are all scams everybody knows about that but still they get a lot of hits and all these videos really just see the number of because at the bottom of the video or try to see out how many hits that blog post has taken by simply writing how to make money online we will explore what are the official ways of making money online and what are those scams and how you should actually be aware of these kinds of scam roll that intro and let’s talk about it [Music] now just toss that video this one and try to search on the YouTube how to make money online the few 10 or 20 videos that you’ll be seeing are having more than millions and millions of views or just look out onto the Google for the blog post there are thousand billions gazillions of posts saying that hey I can teach you how to make money online and we all know these are scams so what are the actual ways of making money online now if you want to make money online there is no secret or magic ingredient magic sauce that you’ll just press a button and there we go job done no there are two basic requirement to make money online the first one is skills second is hard work yep it is not like that money will grow on the trees and you can make money online with just a click or just a press of button or by just doing some random surveys no it doesn’t really happen like that again keep in mind two big things having skills and ready to do hard work yes of course you can make money online I’ll probably discuss a couple of days that I think are good ways of making money online but again make sure you’re ready to do extraordinary hard work along with awesome skills okay so I have actually categorized this video in a couple of ways by which you can make money online now one of the very good way is freelancing and yes there are a lot of websites like freelance up work or Fiverr a lot of other websites are there which which can offer you some work but again that work will depend on how much skill you have to offer how much at a low price you can offer those skills as well as in what amount of time you are ready to do the work so all of this is a combination and trust me when I say you need awesome skills yes you do need awesome skills and portfolio because freelancing is not about just getting a job in the company it’s actually little bit harder than that because there are let us say a job is being posted on an online website there are thousands and thousands of freelancers who to take that job now among those thousands of people you have to stand out how you can stand out you should have awesome skills so focus some time on learning that skill also when you have bid it on that project your pricing should be competitive from other people and I have seen people like for example let’s just say I charge $200 for a single page or 2 page website there are people who are ready to do the same work in hundred dollars or maybe twenty dollars or maybe even ten dollars but again the potential employee chooses you based on your portfolio how much good work you have done in the past if not you have no work in the past make sure you create a fictitious portfolio where you have showcased your skill and this is super important and this is just one way of dealing with that now there are a lot of opportunities being posted on such website like making apps for Android for iOS for react GS and tons of other technologies in case you are missing dotnet or Java yes they are also there so everything has the category has a pricing point you can get registered on those websites and can look up for the project but the big hurdle is the skills your skills should be awesome so focus at least a couple of years in enhancing your skills now I’m not selling anything in this video where ever you want to take the skills from offline Institute online courses or maybe wherever you are want to learn or maybe just you want to learn by your own make sure you learn something and prepare a portfolio for yourself for example you are learning Android go ahead no problem at all just make sure you have a couple of apps lying on the github or some ATK’s or maybe it’s into the App Store or Google Play Store wherever it is so this is the number one way now I will also bring up your one point here about some of the people who have approached me that hey I know typing skills can I get a job online with these kinds of website I would say yes and no because the thing what I want to say here is this is a tech channel I encourage people to get friendly with the technologies to learn tech thing to learn programming and hey on those freelancing website there are hundreds and hundreds and thousands of people who know how to press a finger on the keyboard yes that little bit harsh but that’s the truth and there are a lot of companies who have actually hired these kinds of people who are doing all the DS kinds of typing job and probably a lot faster than you so instead of wasting your time in just typing something I would highly recommend to learn some programming skills and offer them on those freelancing website ok a page enough of talk about freelancing and programming what are the other ways by which I can earn money online now yes I’ll come back onto that now one of the other way is writing blogs and how does that blog earns now usually that kind of blog earns why advertisements now there are two kinds of advertisements first one is by the Google Adsense yes Google does offer you a little bit amount of money yes I literally mean little bit just pennies and you can also reach out to your local companies and agencies who can post a little bit ad on your and can pay you monthly like $100 or $50 whatever your agreement goes on now this highly depends on what kind of content is bare on your blog site how much updated is your blog site and how much regular readers on your blog site now it’s not like you will just throw up any content on your blog site just copy and pasting from here and there and you will get a high ranking in the blog content is always King and will always remain king you are watching this video because I am giving you something valuable I’m teaching you something valuable and that’s the only reason why you’re stuck up here you are stuck up on some other blogs which gives you official updates maybe the phone reviews is the first one to review all the phones give you the detailed specification again hard work comes at the roll so yes blogging is another way by which you can earn money but that’s a little amount of money but of course as the blog blog grows up quite a lot and you have got regular visitors like regular users after a few couple of years you may expect a good amount of decent income via blogging but again your blog should be awesome the reader should get some value out of your blog it should not be just copy pasting this stuff it won’t work now these are the two ways that we have discussed so far freelancing and blogging what of the other ways I can make money online and yes the platform you are on right now YouTube is also famous from money making money online now let me also warn you here now YouTube is not an easy game and it’s not probably for making money online just try to imagine you see your favorite TV channels the YouTube channels like TV f4 AIB you have been quite familiar with them now all these channels do you think they are making a dozens of amounts of money online probably yes because we have read it somewhere on the blog or have bought some YouTube videos but what you don’t understand is behind the scenes now just try to imagine the amount of money that they have invested in cameras and lenses in microphones in acting’s their computer bills their electricity bill this all adds up quite a lot in the production value what they produce in the YouTube channel so YouTube yes definitely it’s a good way of making money online but if you’ll be getting started on the YouTube for making money probably I think that you won’t be staying for long because just try to imagine even with the 50,000 subscriber it’s not good even to buy the length in the camera on which I am shooting so yes it’s a good way but once you have to reach at that point again not everybody is mkbhd or Casey Knight stats so you have to be really cautious in making money online now there are dozens of other small categories that I would put all of them together which are like there are some fake I would like to call them certainly fake fake websites that say hey just watch this much of ad for 3 second and will pay you for that usually these are just scams and on top of that yes there are also website we just say hey take this survey per day and we are going to pay thousands or billions or millions of dollar by the end of this month I don’t think so they are very useful there are also ways like shortened link URL they are just pennies I and I think somebody somebody is so much of hard-working person he shouldn’t be wasting time in those kinds of things instead just try and learn something now also by the lost of this I would put these affiliate and referral as well now affiliate is one good thing by which you can make money and in fact most of the YouTube channel make money by affiliation program let me tell you what the affiliation program is affiliation is something known as hey buy this and that’s it now what happens behind the scene when you refer somebody to buy something that person gets a legislator mount of discount or maybe some benefit and on return the companies paid this guy like me let’s just say M and M is Amazon affiliate and I say hey by this lens this is good now what you’ll get if you’ll buy from my link let’s just say this is all fictitious situation I’m not linked with Amazon yet so this is the length just buy it and since you have used this lens and you’re referring it that means it should be of good quality and when you buy it from my link I get a small cut from that don’t worry your prices don’t regularly raise up because I’m getting a cut it’s all a good Commission that I get directly from Amazon so yes affiliation is also a good thing but in order to earn from affiliate also you need to have either a good blog where people can read about legislate lenses and you are providing some good valuable information and then people are buying it so definitely that’s the vent way of earning it let’s just say your YouTube channel is doing pretty good you want to earn money from it you have a hundred thousand subscriber Amazon is one way of making money so these are some realistic thing that I wanted to talk about how to make money online just remember I know this is a long video just remember that there is no such magic if you think that it is too good to be true it probably is a scam so there is no such shortcut of making money online it requires really good hard work effective skills and patience a lot of patience you have to stay online for a long time probably for years and years to make money online it is not easy so go and focus first on the skills once you have skills and especially this is a programming channel focus on learning programming and make learn to make apps or websites and all these things then you can offer your skills to other people and this is probably the easiest way to earn money online now I know a lot of spammers will come up at the bottom of this video and we’ll post hundreds of link that hey I have learned this much of money check out my link don’t do that please don’t check out on those links I’ll probably try to clean those links up but okay let’s end this video I know this was a bit long but this is a serious information that need to be passed to everybody okay so no more scam eating focus on learning skills focus on hard work and probably probably within a few years you’ll be making hundreds and thousands of dollar for sure okay I’ll surely catch you up in the next video and in the meantime coming down what are your thoughts and I’ll make more videos of such kind just notify me in the comment section what more videos you would like me to do okay I’ll catch you up

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