3 Ways To Learn What I Do

[UltraVid id=31 ][Music] everyone John she’ll even john chow com welcome to driving for john chow absolutely beautiful day here in sunny orange county 74 degrees got a cloud in the sky top down right now I’m headed for lunch today is ramen I want to give you a few updates on what’s happening with me my site might blow my business and you know just uh yeah once a while I could do this kind of thing I had a really really incredible week like I know if you follow me at facebook but once a while I would post some of my staff and stuff and in the in the past seven days it was just one network I made it with fifty thousand dollars and so far i’m averaging like over two thousand dollars a day every single day since this year so that’s just but not just one network right so you add up all the other stuff and i am well on pace to do well into some figures this year so it it’s looking good and anyway what I really want to do is uh cuz i get emails all the time asking you know can you teach me this stuff and i have different ways of teaching you this stuff and i want to show you the methods i have for how you can learn this stuff that I do all right then they see i have three method the first one you haven’t already done so you should download my ebook and by the way the reason I’m making this very video is because you might see me repeat this thing a few times but I get these videos all the time so I’m just mean I mean I get these pushes all the time so I’m comin I’m making a video to answer just want to take a question so I can just send them to the beer I just send people to this video and the question is like how do I learn this stuff so three method first one download my ebook go to my blog John so calm down low it totally free all right the second method is basically apply for my ultimate talk on lifestyle coaching program 21 step coach program they take you step by step on how to do what I do I give you a personal one of them could one coach that will answer your questions for you as well and application you eat only forty nine dollars fully refundable in 30 days you get to go to all 21 step while buying anything alright if anyone says anything else is totally felt the application speed allows you go for all 21 steps and then afterwards you can decide you like it great if you don’t like it get a refund all right and the last thing is if you need one and meet someone face-to-face come on 10 and I am feeding on workshop right there I do we do them every single week now so i’ll put a link to this workshop in the description below this video and just by the one close to your city or register to our workshop totally free to attend the gold go check them out so those are the three market and if you want feel free to email me okay John John John Tom I can answer your question either I will fly to your email or answer them in this sign up video like this okay so yeah that’s it for this one visita to shoulder the video to answer a question I get all the time I’m going to have some lunch now in after fun for you sure is windy I hope you can pick me up because anyway uh yeah but I’m gonna go for lunch now I’ll come to you guys next time give me a thumbs up like a share my video and I’ll see you guys on makeup at all [Music] you

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