Former Dishwasher Makes $35K Online In 3 Months

[UltraVid id=30 ]everyone jianchao here from Johnny telecom and I’m coming to you live from the sunset Del Mar resort here in Costa Rica this is a very own resort and I’m here for the titanium mastermind and into the coop around 30 people has gone in here from all over the world and what I’ve been doing I’ve been taking some of the attendees aside to find out who they are what if coming right over here so today my guest is Christian right that’s right now Christian where you’re from I am from New York City New York New York City I will be there next month for the Affiliate Summit oh so what do you do in New York City I’m actually a full-time mole consultant now the for Thermo consultants right all right so oh when did you go in when did you join I actually ended up joining move about three months ago in March three months ago in your full time yes already that’s right well tell me a result what how much have you made in the last three months um I’ve actually made about thirty five thousand dollars in commissions so far 35 granting Commission yes sir I thought with ten grand a month yeah alright so I can assume here I’m going to assume here you must have platinum often experienced to do that kind of result none whatsoever actually seriously that’s right I jump into this a complete newbie so before you became a full-time Oh consultant yeah what were you doing believe it or not I was actually a full-time dishwasher at a pizzeria in town yeah so he went from dishwasher yeah to molten something now making with ten grand a month yes sir holy crap if you ask high five not as awesome at all something Wow how’d you blown away about it okay so how are you I’m 25 years old 25 years old so I’m going to assume that you’re basically just like graduate college or whatever you’re getting ready to go stead and you’re working at the dishwasher too while you’re while you’re sorry what did you what did you study I actually ended up studying writing I won writing a writer when I grew up I want to be a writer okay I’m doing a year long are you doing copywriting for Jack that is that is totally awesome and so so basically I walk it when you were you first John you went through the 21 steps for and you’re connected with your coach right and basically was there anything you did special that the you know get the average mo consultant didn’t do well you know what John armed secret to this business is that there is no secret okay yeah you know what I get I get some people but I don’t believe me the thing is you you take what people your coaches your arm your traffic coaches are telling you to do yeah and you implement those strategies you you don’t try and go and reinvent the wheel you take the system that already works and you make it work for yourself yeah you have urge other people so yes and I think you said the key word that that is implement right implement you see I can teach everyone how to do this business you know we can teach anyone how to do this but I think it if you don’t do what we teach then it’s relevant it’s like you know go into Harvard Law and then decide I don’t want to be a lawyer okay what is that what use of that I think we try to make money online I mean but you got to step this step that’s adaptive you don’t do those steps you don’t implement then it’s irrelevant I mean them so and you your difference between you and the mobile can so that doesn’t make any money is that you implement it correct and so and there you go and you hate to be job I did thirty five thousand dollars in three months that’s damn awesome if my readers want to contact you you know find out more about this business and how you able to get this kind of amazing results what’s the best ways for them do so well you can go ahead and start where I started which was going through the 21 step program yep and you can find that at WWE eight your own solutions comm forward slash 21 steps right where your own slash 21 step awesome all right awesome I was taking a bigger ticket item a Christian enjoy the rest of the mastermind that’s a pretty awesome all right so everyone there you have it you know proof that pretty much anyone along with their polar direction and implement the direction they can be successful in this business or pretty much in anything in life implementation is the key all right John Chaput John calm thank you very much for watching Matthew with the thumbs up give us a like and got to my channel and I’ll see you guys on episode [Music] you

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