Why I Make Money Online And You Don’t

[UltraVid id=32 ][Music] John Shahi from John Chow calm welcome to driving the John Chow I was going through some of the comments that I do every day when on my youtube channel and just reading the comments and stuff and replying to comments and ask questions and it was one particular comment that came about that I I wish to address in a video format because I guess it’s kind of but something you go through or you have to deal with as you become more successful and and just get bigger in this comment these were some of your sneaking and allegation come what you want to call it but basically saying that you spend your time trying to convince people to buy your stuff and that makes you rich and so likely after we buy your stuff we are still poor that’s got the comment along that way basically having money by selling you product and that’s how I get rich but yet when we and he used to would we alway they already use the word we it’s never who is this we to begin with alright stick for yourself okay I say no you know it’s a week but for the reason I guess didn’t misery loves company or whatever but we buy your stuff you make money that we are still booked that’s basically that’s why I want to actually answer this first of all I said the first thing is its who is we you all right hit that stick you buy this stuff and you make me money I didn’t make them work so first of all you don’t need to buy my stuff alright you want how to make money online just go read my blog against weak tickles my youtube channel off a lot of bites on starting an online business is a thing this is not there’s no big secret here I mean anyone after reading my blog and watch money to you know you know enough how to do this stuff the thing is the key point is you should have to do this stuff and so I checked I click on this this users profile on YouTube and sure enough you know it 0 subscribers I have a toggle blank page that kind of stuff right I teach you how to make money online at each other start a blog any the fam easing thing is where’s your blog which is YouTube channel ok that’s it ah see I guess the lunacy of this whole thing ok what what do you expect what are you expecting when you buy my ultimate talk on lifestyle probably well that’s what we want I want to know what are you actually spending you spec are you expecting to I’m gonna buy this and then money is gonna come raining down on me I mean what are you expecting some magic bullet there’s no magic bullet here it’s very simple to see what I do on my blog I teach you to start a blog well guess what you need to start a blog you need a silver but yet and I of course this on how to start a blog but I also tell you how to stop on the reason the course is just when you’re paying me what are you really getting it’s just more step-by-step detail like when I say someone sort of log oh okay well RP will take okay no problem I’ll just go order some web hosting go dog go Daddy or the domain name and I set the blog up and I’m running I start blogging and I’m done okay if you never do that guess what you know how to make money online but for some people you may go exactly give me the step by step long time okay that’s what I want that’s when you want to buy my product and that’s where they push down and step by step so this my short of accept my 21 step coaching program just breaks down into steps what did you to make money online a lot of people already know what did you these but the thing is you still need to do it you still you can do it so you can see why you want to yeah I sell you stuff to teach you step by step and but I’m not still rich well my question is did you actually do what the hell I tell you to do and join at a time well people who are complaining left and right that’s the all yourselves what you are scaring whatever book did you actually do it yeah okay I look at the profile you subscribers you there’s no no social media profile a black avatar and it’s alright sorry about the rapper I just I just need to get that out there right just to I guess I suppose next time someone makes a comment that was Sydney email down I’m gonna send this video so before you make such a comment to me right answer this question did you do what I thought did you start the blog where show me your blog show me your YouTube channel show me your social media for show me something right and if you show me all those stuff and then not make any money then guess what you know I ain’t gonna actually look closer I don’t you give you advice on what you can do what you’re doing wrong what you can improve upon but check this guy out had nothing zero all right let’s show me show me something and then they will talk okay all right John Java John jaha right people listen my little ramp give you some love you like that like and subscribe I’ll see you guys next episode [Music] you

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