[UltraVid id=43 ]you guys I hit the YouTube jackpot and I’m joining some of my all-time favorite youtubers in being sponsored by none other than Squarespace your go-to place to get your own domain website or online store now today I want to talk to you about something you guys asked me about all the time how David and I are able to make enough money working online to support the two of us we went from not making any money at all to making enough to barely support ourselves to now comfortably supporting two people and that process took a couple of years so working through it sharing some lessons we learned we work as the content creators or influencers or whatever you want to call it so I’ll use our experiences as examples but all of these tips works for other type of online jobs as well like for musicians or online magazines or photographers of stylist or whatever let’s start with some tips if you’re in the beginning of your career just starting out without a lot of followers or contacts the thing is brands usually only contain you one cinco’s in quite large numbers but there are plenty of other ways to make money when you’re small on so platforms you can make money from the get-go no exclusive brand is necessary thank you – for instance you can make money from the pre-rolls that is the advertisement shown before your video stars almost from the very beginning of your channel this means that you could pay per view so the more you post the more you make compare that with Instagram for example where you can only make money from exclusively brand sponsored posts before we ever had gotten a sponsorship from a brand of YouTube we were already making enough from just the pre-rolls to cover about half a salary not too shabby I’d really recommend putting your content on YouTube not just because you can make money from it but also because nowadays it’s easier to get your content spread to new viewers on YouTube than for example Instagram right in the very beginning of growing your following you have best subscribers or followers or whatever I mean with all been their habit we finding a new and exciting content creator that deserve way more attention than they’re getting we so want this created to succeed and make it big time and we’re willing to help out if we can asking your own followers to lend a helping hand by donating a small sum every month it’s a great way to grow a community feeling where we’re all helping out patreon is a great place for the nation where you can really communicate and have fun with your donors we’ve been on patreon for a while now and back in the day before our channel grew up it was a huge help every month to get that little sum of something extra to go food shopping or paying our mobile bills with so I want to take this opportunity to really thank everyone who has been donating to us on patreon as it turns out we no longer need the help so we have decided to close their countdown and let you guys go donate to some other creator that might need a helping hand you guys Rock and I cannot tell you how much it has meant as you’ve helped us out when we had a hard time making this thing work another way to make a little extra money from the start get a couple of affiliate links to add your description caption website or blog post for example get an Amazon affiliate link and every time someone buys anything lands on using your link you get some money back there are tons of different ones you can get but I recommend going with a large site optimize the payback once you have grown a little bit depending on the type of content you create you might want to look into the merchandise there are sites that let you design your own shirts for example and we just get a cut whenever a shirt is sold you don’t need to buy a whole bunch yourself and then try to sell them all I never tried merch since it’s not really our style but I know other online creatives that have made quite some money from it of course the bigger you are the more you will sell but as long as you’re using a risk free site where you don’t have to pay anything upfront what are you go to lose [Music] okay so once the numbers are starting to grow and you’re reaching a bigger audience brand sponsorships will be a possibility now I don’t want to say that it’s all about audience sites though I know influences that are smaller than us that make more money on sponsorships and I know influences that are bigger than us that hardly gets any sponsorship offers at all the advice I can give here is to always be very professional make your content look as good as possible not just as entertaining or good quality as possible sponsors are much more likely to want to work with you if your content is something they would be proud to sponsor also the wider range of themes your content covers the more different kinds of bands you can work with once your numbers are big enough and your content is professional-looking enough wealth will come to you however you can always get in touch with specific companies if there are some that you really want to work with that’s always appreciated by the brand make a nice looking media kit and give them some idea of what you can offer another way to get in touch with brands is through influencer sites like Rev run’s for example where you can find brand campaigns to apply for check it out but just so you know finding a paid sponsorship uses excited about it’s a little bit like finding a needle in the haystack ebooks special memberships or other types of exclusive content is another way to interact with your audience once it has grown a little it can be super nice but just make sure that what you’re offering is really worth someone’s hard earned cash using your own content as a portfolio or show wheels to find freelance work it’s a great idea to get those well paid campaigns if your content is good enough you won’t even need a huge audience to be able to get a job on the other hand if you can show that not only is your work beautiful and professionally produced it’s also popular with your audience then you have an even bigger chance at impressing the band I hope I’ve been able to motivate those of you who are interested in maybe starting an online career of your own if you have any other questions let me know in the comment section also David and I made a Q&A post of episodes where we talk about our experience with working in social media a couple of weeks ago for those of you who want some more in-depth information I’ll put a link in the description for you to go check it out and I wish all of you trying out there the best of that you have my full support and a big thank you to Squarespace for sponsoring this video for those of you who don’t know Squarespace yes if this all-in-one platform where you can create your own website or online store for example with beautiful award-winning templates and 24/7 customer service it’s easy to use you don’t need to know coding or anything like that and I know a lot of you out there are talented creative thinking about showing your brilliant work or clever ideas online if you’re thinking of creating a site you can start your free trial today at and use the ossicles Jennie mustard to get 10% off your first purchase go go go [Music] why are they spending time debating on Facebook the most useless thing you could ever do is debate a stranger on Facebook

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