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[UltraVid id=60 ][Music] [Music] what’s going on guys it’s freaky Oh textbook solutions we got swole Joel in the house what’s your Instagram bro right here but in today’s video we’re gonna be talking about three different things today City has to do with not forcing a sales so what do I mean by that so what I mean by not fortunately so it could you know mean about you know buying and reselling different products investing in real estate or and even invest in the stock market again these are markets that I personally invest into it does not mean that you know the only markets that this can take place in as well as it doesn’t mean that this is the only option that you have when overcoming these obstacles but I’m in today’s video we’re gonna be talking about the power of not forcing a sale and how its led to my success as well as not only you know not forcing they sale but when I have forced this sale in the past and my roommate’s have been this is what I’m gonna be filming next to Joel I wanted to kind of give him an example or let him talk very briefly about run for the Kawasaki zx6r that I’d kept telling Phil to buy buy buy buy buy I actually never took uh it’s it’s a bike it’s a motorcycle that we were flipping and they kept telling me hey like you know you should not buy it it’s not a good deal like the cosmedix on the bike is horrible it’s high mileage and it’s not a very popular bike did I listen no did I make a lot of money off of that one no at all so yeah it was really bad I just wanted to uh you know kind of get we were in the groove of like flipping bikes and that was probably one of the the bikes that I had for the longest time probably right through and yeah it was horrible I ended up having to sell it for pretty much like what I bought it for and it was like it was just bad there was a waste of time not only for myself but the people that we had to deal with and that’s an example when it comes to buying and reselling different products now let’s talk about kind of like real estate investing and why it’s so important to not force a sale so you know like a traditional option when investing in real estate is taking out any loan right most people put five you know 10% when it came down to one of these condos that I was closing on I had the option of putting 20 or 25% down I was working with this new lending company and it came down to the understanding that came like if I put 25% down my you know closing card suggests reduce a little bit my initial closing cost was anywhere from about like six thousand dollars and that was pretty high I didn’t want to pay that so I simply told them and this is again me negotiating with them again keeping my emotions away and making sure that I keep it in the sense that’s professional as I can but making sure that I don’t force the sale I was like hey boy I have the cash because I sold the zo6 to buy the you know condo outright you know I’d love to work with the the lending company because of how cheap or inexpensive you know the loan can be but am I going to pay thousands of dollars on top of that so I can you know close on the deal and it came down to the understanding that like you know I was at initial like $6,000 closing costs and when I told them that all’s I kid like I’m thinking about payin a cash because your closing costs are way too high I mean this is a lending company and this is me talking to you guys about my best practices because I know a lot of you guys are getting into real estate investing as well as just you know thinking about buying your first property and I want you guys to know that these are all prices and fees that they come up with it simply comes down to you guys reaching out to the lending company and letting the real estate agent know that you guys are in the market to find the best deal and if you guys if you guys could save a couple thousand dollars simply by watching this video then that would be the overall goal especially because so many of you now that are part of type of solutions are looking into investing in real estate and I want you guess so now that all these fees that you know the real estate agent says like hey you need to pay me three percent or you know the lending company is saying hey you need these you need to pay like these notary fees and all these fees that they stack on top of you that ends up being a thousands of dollars it might not seem like a lot because your overall loan amount might be like to to you know five hundred thousand dollars and a couple thousand dollars might not make a difference but that’s money out of pocket and simply by you know watching this video I want you guys to understand that those are fees that are potentially like you know waivable or fees that they can you know not charge you there for you know so you can use their service there’s just certain extent where like you’re like no I don’t want to pay absolutely any closing costs then you know you’re using their service and they’re probably not going to want to work with you because it’s not going to be in their benefit but understanding that if you’re willing to negotiate with them and you’re saying like look I have all these different other options for lending companies you know service do you provide me that I can’t find elsewhere where it could be much less expensive and with that simple approach they came down to you know the silicon company reduced it from like $6,000 closing costs to 3500 but you know I still didn’t want to pay $3,500 I just made the decision you know keeping all emotions aside I was like hey you you know I’m gonna go ahead and take the approach of paying for the property cash but I’d be more than willing to work with you guys in the future and keeping that you know professional relationship with these individuals again you don’t want to like jab anyone in the back when it comes down to working with them you’re all in the market you know to make money or to save as much money as possible and there’s nothing wrong with that so keep it professional make sure that you at least understand what it is that you’re investing in but make sure that you understand that when investing in real estate even the closing cost and all these lending fees and even the real estate fees these are all fees that they make up or that they start out with it doesn’t mean that their fixed fees and it comes down to you simply asking the question hey are these fees something that I have to pay or are we negotiable with this so I can work with you there’s nothing wrong with asking because at the end of the day if you save a couple hundred or a couple of thousand dollars off of this you know simple video that exposes you to the idea that wait I didn’t have to pay all those you know fees then it’s with that simple approach some of you guys might be watching this video and be like well you know it’s obvious right we don’t have to pay all these fees it’s all about negotiation you’d be surprised about the number of people that don’t know that especially first-time homebuyers or first-time real estate investors so again that’s my idea when it comes down to understanding and keeping all emotions aside I know it might be very difficult especially if you’re buying like you’re going on your first property and you’re super excited to kind of just make the deal happen again keep your emotions aside make sure that you stick to the numbers and you stick to the basics of you know the reason that you’re investing in that property making sure that you don’t force the sale because just like Joel knows when we for sales it’s never a good deal but when it kind of all works out you know if it’s meant to happen and you know there’s nothing wrong with you know making the deal happen as long as you know you understand that you’re not forcing it and that you’re not taking a you know a hit because of you forcing it yourself so with that simple understanding it also comes down to like investing in the stock market we have you know a lot of our traders traded with under $25,000 therefore you’re under the PDT rule and a lot of traders are always looking for you know the best momentum stock always taking traits or suggestions based on other people’s opinion we have three rules within technical solutions and we don’t invest in what we don’t understand we don’t invest based on other people’s opinion and we always have a plan when investing talking about that second one why would you invest based on someone else’s opinion you know going based on someone else’s you know suggestion and then keeping all the emotions aside and just thinking because they made tens of thousands of dollars off that stock that you’re going to make it you know if you know anything about you know invest in the stock where I could tell about getting in early and getting out before everyone else gets in right everyone else learned about the hype therefore if you’re hearing about this person just made you know tens of thousands of dollars off the stock then it’s probably too late right not always 100% but it’s probably too late and again you jump in forcing the sale and you’re getting that away at a price way too high you have no fundamental understanding of you know what the stock was why it saw such an increase in price what was the catalyst or you know if it was even a good deal on the overall purchase price of that stock per per share so understanding that I’m just like when it comes down to investing in real estate investing in the binary selling of different products or even investing in the stock market one of the big suggestions that I can have that have led to my success and as well as the success to have many of you know just you know my roommate and all the different people that I know when it comes down to investing we we tend to do the best when we keep all the emotions aside and really just focus on the numbers and focus on the deal and understanding that the least amount of motions that you you know kind of put into the investment kind of thinking about like you know when I would buy you know the zo6 or when I bought the McLaren or when I bought the m3 identified these you know margins of profit and you work what my purchase price had to be and I made sure that I didn’t let my emotions come into play because if the seller knew that I was super excited I mean these guys are like savage sellers like you know Joel what’s this name Phil I mean we pretty much know all the tricks when it comes down to like the vine and reselling of different things and you can tell when someone’s like super pumped about you know a deal and when they’re super pumped you know you don’t really have to work to make the sale go through and you always want to kind of always make the seller be the one I don’t want to say that gets the short end of the stick by that that you know pushes to make the deal happen so you want to make sure that you’re firm on your price regardless of you know how much you want that dealer how much you want you know that the first stock or the first car first supercar or first investment property that you guys understand that forcing the deal is never you know the best idea because of the tens of thousands of dollars that it could end up costing you that ruins the whole opportunity of it being an actual investment and you just jumping into you know an investment that’s way too high so I just wanted to briefly briefly talk about that and kind of guide you in the right direction again I’m trying to catch you yet at an early age when you guys are investing in real estate before ye as invest in the stock market or before you guys start flipping things understand the market that you’re investing in really really understand it not just because you have the money or you can take the risk is a reason that you should invest in any of these markets be knowledgeable on what it is that you’re investing in know the risk involved learn how to manage your risk learn how I how to identify potential identified profit margins and with that simple approach you know I feel like so many people are now going into different markets that I don’t personally invest in such as cryptocurrency Forex Amazon sales is just so many different markets that you know with the simple idea and the simple concept concept that we use for investing people really go a long way right it’s just sparked in that interest and you guys doing what it is that you guys want with it so I hope you guys enjoyed this video I know this is a very brief video I just wanted to talk to you guys very briefly briefly about that again all the links are down below if you guys aren’t part of tech Club Solutions all the links are in the description it’s gonna say free Facebook coupe as you guessed and joined for free first link in the description that’s gonna take you to the tech but solutions website so you guys can feel more than welcome to sign up for the beta trials that we have going on for the website that we’re going to be launching as well as the second link is gonna allow you to order now they’re all available for sale so if you guys want to you know represent tech let’s feel free to click that second link in the description then you guys are more than welcome to actually order your technical solution to t-shirt and just to let you guys know like I’ve told you guys before I am selling the McLaren mp4-12c so if you guys get me a bye if you guys truly get me a buyer and I see that it actually came make sure that they include your name they can email me at info at Tech but if you guys get me a buyer I’ll give you guys you know a couple thousand dollars for the Commission so thank you guys again for everything in those who you guys do continue working hard contain you follow your dreams let your passion be what drives in your success and guys you know there’s potential in every market it comes down to you know finding a market that you’re passionate about and that you truly you know what it mind devoting your time to and with that simple approach I know a lot of you guys can go a really long way just understand that it’s going to take a lot of time it is going to take a lot of effort a lot of hard work and maybe in the beginning it might be very difficult to get started but it’s definitely what that simple idea that’s simple understanding that it is possible that you know pushes us through and for those true entrepreneurs and there’s true people that wants to succeed then it isn’t you know just because we don’t see success right away isn’t you know that at the end of the end of the road you know we make our way and we continue pushing and even if it takes you know a couple of years to actually achieve it we always push on through and we always make it happen so thank you guys again all the links are in the description feel free to follow around my social media accounts if you guys can like and subscribe if you guys found this video helpful you know we would really appreciate it and share it with someone that it is that you think that can benefit from this specific content that is shared from this video I like always guys we’ll see you guys Monday through Friday trading it in the stock market 15 minutes before the market opens let’s make sure that win the year under green now take care guys [Music]

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