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[UltraVid id=72 ]William Henry Gates the third aka Bill Gates currently ranks in first place on the Forbes list of the world’s billionaires with an estimated worth of 86 point nine billion dollars nicknamed tray throughout his early childhood the manual co-founded Microsoft and created the Windows operating system seemed destined as a precocious yet sometimes troubled youth to become a pioneer of computer technology Gates could be said to be the apotheosis of computer programming a demigod of geekdom but what is this prevailing pioneer have in common with us common folks let us find out in this episode of the infographic show Bill Gates versus the average American don’t forget to subscribe and click the Bell button so that you could be part of our notifications born on October 28 1955 in Seattle baby bill the second of three children weighed in at 9 pounds 13 ounces this is just over 2 pounds above the average weight of an American newborn his father also named Bill Gates was a successful lawyer and his mother Mary was a prominent businesswoman the games ancestry is German Irish and Scottish Irish as a white American Gates belongs to seventy two point four percent of other white Americans that currently make up the US population his German and Irish ancestry also make him part of the two largest ancestral groups in America at seventeen point one percent and 12 percent respectively notwithstanding Gates’s in arguable status as a superlative genius the parts of his body outside of his brain are very much average Kate stands at five feet nine and a half inches which is just above the American average for a man his figure is on the slight side with him weighing in at around 141 pounds the average weight for an American male is somewhere between 167 pounds and 185 pounds although according to normal weight range ratios mr. gates can feel assured that he fits snugly within the parameters of what is considered a safe weight with light brown hair blue eyes and sideline shoes Gates has the most common hair color in the USA and the second most common eye color he also departs from the average man regarding shoe size with size 10 being the median for an American male where Bill Gates overrides his rather normal physical characteristics is in the realm of his intelligence while Gates is IQ has been a matter of debate it’s thought to be in the region of 160 gates however has never confirmed this publicly when asked by NDTV in 2012 what his IQ was he sprayed it around the sir fading I did well when he took IQ tests adding I’m good at those goofy questions but just for fun let’s say Gates’s IQ is 160 the egde american of 98 it would also secure him a place in the world high IQ society putting him in the 99.99 percent isle of eggheads not surprisingly then we learned that at his school lakeside prep he used what was then considered a far-out machine to create a computer versus human game of tic-tac-toe the school was so impressed they allowed him to write the code for scheduling classes gates a rebellious iconoclast from a young age then was said to have written the code so that he was put in classes with a disproportionate number of interesting girls this went against averageness in every way as in those days not only with kids writing code unbelievable but most humans didn’t know what computer code was he made forty-two hundred dollars from the school first first computer program when he was just 17 that was in 1972 when the average yearly American wage was seven thousand one hundred thirty-three dollars he also got banned from programming at school with his friend and co-founder of Microsoft Paul Allen as the two had exploited the code to get more computer time in spite of his disregard for school rules Gates did remarkably well on his SATs scoring a 1590 out of 1600 this put him in the 99th percentile of test takers with only eleven hundred forty nine other students from one point six seven million testers being able to do as well as he did incidentally his good friend Paul Allen and future business partner did even better attaining a perfect score on seeing the young Gates proclivity for programming he was granted a place at Ivy League Harvard University as of 2013 sixty five point nine percent of Americans achieve entrance at university level getting into Harvard however is no easy feat with the admission rate for 2020 standing at five point two two percent this didn’t seem to have much impact on our young soon to be entrepreneur who dropped out of Harvard to devote themselves to what would become one of the world’s most recognizable corporations dropping out of University in the USA is perhaps more common than you may have thought with more than half of enrolled University students deciding not to finish their degree in one sitting at least when Gates and Allen started Microsoft in 1975 Gates was just twenty years old while the tech industry is renowned for some of its most successful entrepreneurs to have started young this is still today a fairly ripe age to start a company while today we don’t associate Bill Gates with a devil-may-care reckless attitude to year after leaving Harvard the young man was arrested for driving without a license and speeding and two years later arrested again for driving without a license and not stopping at a stop sign he joins one in three Americans that have a police record aside from his brushes with the law gates was making hay while most of the world wasn’t even aware the Sun was shining on a place we now know as Silicon Valley gates built IBM’s ms-dos operating system in the early 80s giving him his first windfall of $50,000 a measly sum in retrospect considering what was about to happen he held on to the copyright of the software and when PC started becoming a feature in house halls all over the world the Microsoft Empire is on its way to becoming a technology monopoly soon after Microsoft created its first Windows operating system in 1985 ninety percent of pcs worldwide would be running it still it’s thought that only about 8% of American households had a PC back then Windows 1.0 was $99 and it would make Gates a small fortune Windows 1.0 became Windows 10 in 2016 and billions of dollars had been made by a once precocious little bill he’s donated billions to charity appeared on The Simpsons as every tech geek seems to do and throughout it all he’s held on to a childish curiosity when asked about religion and the meaning of life Gates has been vague once saying the mystery and the beauty of the world is overwhelmingly amazing and there’s no scientific explanation of how it came about cases doubt and divinity doesn’t reflect the average American however with the Pew Research Center reporting 2014 that 92 percent of Americans believed in the existence of God but 63% of Americans feeling absolutely sure that God exists there’s an anecdote people like to tell which states that Bill Gates makes so much money over $100 a second that it wouldn’t be worth his time to pick up a hundred-dollar bill if he dropped one but Gates is no believer in the supposition that lots of money makes you happy in fact he says he’s only leaving his children about 10 million dollars from his fortune once saying leaving kids massive amounts of money is not a favor to them regardless his three children should do okay considering the US Census Bureau says the average salary in America is $35,000 a year that’s 1 million four hundred thousand for 40 years hard graft while Gates is not an ostentatious spender he likes his cards he said to sometimes drive his Ford Focus to work but his most cherished vehicle is his $225,000 Porsche 959 he owns 23 cars altogether a few more than the average American household which owned one point nine to seven cars in 2013 according to gates his big splurge is his private plane but the gates his main property was hardly a paltry acquisition his mansion in King County Modena is set to be worth a princely 120 million dollars compared to the average house calls from the USA of 180 eight thousand nine hundred dollars in 2014 at least for all his grand accomplishments an indisputable genius Gates likes to maintain that he is just an average guy he said to use fond of indie band Weezer and has a liking for watching reruns of the spoof documentary spinal tap money has no utility to me beyond a certain point Gates has said along with I do the dishes every night this is perhaps testament to the fact that the techno God keeps his feet firmly on the ground so how do you compare to the man from Seattle let us know in the comments and if you like these types of comparisons be sure to check out our other video Donald Trump vs. the average American thanks for watching and as always don’t forget to Like share and subscribe also please consider heading over to our patreon you are currently raising money to hire more writers so that we can continue bringing you this bi-weekly show

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