How Rich Is Bill Gates?

[UltraVid id=73 ][Music] how rich is Bill Gates in September 2014 Forbes magazine released the 400 richest people in America like many times before Bill Gates stood tall as number one on that list his net worth was listed at 81 billion u.s. dollars up almost 13 percent from the previous year Bill Gates didn’t get to where he is today because he was stupid it’s likely he’s diversified his wealth across a number of different avenues because of this conservatively speaking his money could generate about a 5 percent yearly rate of return from interest alone Bill Gates generates approximately one hundred and twenty eight dollars per second or about four point 1 billion dollars per year imagine if somebody followed him around handing him a $100 bill every second sounds great but you’d start to run out of places to put it every drawer every pocket every cabinet would be stuffed with cash in no time though walking back to the car after a two-hour dinner date to find your Ferrari stuffed with nine hundred and twenty-two thousand dollars you accrued during dinner can only bring good things not only does 81 billion dollars have a lot of value it’s also physically massive and extremely heavy user e ll 20 on reddit asked the question if Bill Gates wanted to make it rain how long could he go for also how long could the girls last before they became uncomfortable under the weight of the cash assuming you were able to throw four bills per second and the entire 81 billion dollar account was fully accessible things would get pretty crazy he could throw $1 bills forever even if he threw 128 bills per second because remember he makes that on interest alone at 4 bills per second the same could be said about 510 and even 20 dollar denominations so with $100 bills mr. Gates could make it rain continuously 24 hours a day 7 days a week for just over 64 years on the performers and things can get pretty dangerous with each bill weighing in at one gram or point zero zero to two pounds 8.1 billion $100 bills would weigh in at about seventeen point eight million pounds at three hundred and twenty pounds per hour in only a few hours the performer would likely suffocate under the load of the money that was piling on top of her after a few days the club would likely fill up from the three hundred and twenty two thousand cubic feet of hundred-dollar bills needless to say Bill Gates has so much money spending it in any conventional way would be impossible even if he purchased Twitter and Instagram Bill Gates would still have tens of billions left with money like this it’s important that the right people have control over it there are few people on planet earth given the same circumstances who would use it as nobly as Bill through charities helping the homeless to funding cutting-edge research institutes around the globe the Gates Foundation is the second most charitable and single largest private charity organization in the world as of 2013 Bill and Melinda Gates have given away a whopping 28 billion dollars to the Gates Foundation which acts openly and transparently this means that all research and financials are openly shared with other organizations and research firms as if commercializing the personal computer which pushed humankind into the next generation wasn’t enough he spends the billions in commercial earnings to help raise the standard of living for children around the globe he’s like all the best parts of Tony Stark though he doesn’t have an Ironman suit with an 81 billion dollar donation to the right people I’m sure they can make it happen now for three quick facts in case you still can’t comprehend how much money Bill Gates has if all of Bill Gates money was stacked up in $100 bills the stack would be about 55 miles high if you were given just an inch of that stack it would be about twenty three thousand two hundred fifty five dollars if he gave everyone on earth ten dollars this Christmas he’d still have to point to six billion dollars left at a spending rate of 1 million dollars a day it would take Bill Gates 218 years to spend all of his money if Bill Gates wanted to literally swim in an Olympic sized swimming pool of $1 coins like Scrooge McDuck and it was filled with interest alone he could have it filled in about 53 days needless to say mr. gates has a lot of money and there isn’t another person in which this money would be in better hands [Music] you

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