How To Turn Your Yearly Income Into Your Monthly Income – Bob Proctor [ The Law of Compensation ]

[UltraVid id=80 ]I love that macho man Bob Proctor I’m going to talk to you about a subject that literally changed the course of my life it’s a subject not many people understand but those who do sure live a lot better than the ones who don’t know Spanish distiller one time said two good life’s expensive there’s another way to live that doesn’t cost as much but it isn’t any good well a lot of what he said is true many years ago a man gave me this book Think and Grow Rich I was flat broke I had always been flat broke I had never had any money I was 26 years old I had two months high school and no business experience he said Bob you read this do exactly what I tell you you can have anything you want now I really didn’t believe that but I believed he believed it and I said all I want is some money I figured if I had enough money all my problems would go away see I was earning $4,000 a year but I was 6,000 if I had a paid every cent I owned are earned in 18 months I would have just broken even so I really didn’t think I wasn’t going to be able to change that you know within a year I was earning 15,000 a month I went from 4,000 a year to 15,000 months within a year now I hadn’t got that much smarter you don’t have to be very smart to earn money but you do have to understand some basic rules and that’s what I want to talk to you about you’ll notice here where we put money up on the screen there’s young lady there and myself she is my business partner and I’m gonna tell you if I ever met anyone that understands money this lady sure does sandy Gallagher is an absolutely brilliant woman she was a securities attorney when I met her had been in the banking business in the law side of it for 20 years and she had done a hundred billion dollars in business now I found that out by asking her said how much did you do she’s a hundred billion I thought you mean a hundred million she said no a hundred billion now if you consider it she was turning banks public she was buying banks selling banks merging banks she was dealing in a lot of money all the time and I thought that’s the kind of person I want to work with well she is my business partner today and has been for the past ten years she’s absolutely brilliant when it comes to money well that’s what I’m going to talk to you about and that’s what I want you to think about to see the truth is you can earn as much every month as you’re presently earning in a year we can show you how to turn your annual income into a monthly income now that may sound like a gross exaggeration but it is really not it’s the way it happens now here’s something that I read in this book when I first started to study it and I first started earn some money it was by Napoleon Hill and it’s called big money listen very carefully because when this is done I’m going to show you how you can execute this Napoleon Hill said when money comes in quantities known as the big money it flows to the one who accumulates it as easily as water flows downhill now he says there exists a great stream of power which can be compared to a river except that one side flows in one direction carrying all who get into that side of the stream onward and upward wealth and the other side flows in the opposite direction carrying all who are unfortunate enough to get into that side and not able to extricate themselves from it downward to misery and poverty he said every person who’s accumulated a great fortune has recognized the existence of this stream of life it consists of one’s thinking process the positive emotions of thought form the sight of the stream which carries one to fortune the negative emotions form the side which carries one down to poverty now you said this carries a thought of stupendous importance to the person who is following what we’re talking about here with the object of accumulating a fortune if you’re on the side of the stream of power which leads to poverty this may serve as an oar by which you may propel yourself the other side of the stream it can serve you only through application and use merely reading and passing judgment on it either one way or another will in no way benefit you I says poverty enriches often change places poverty may and generally does voluntarily take the place of riches but when riches take the place of poverty that change is usually brought about through well conceived and carefully executed plans poverty needs no plan it needs no one to eat it because it is bold and ruthless riches are shy and timid they have to be attracted of course we talked about that in the secret you’ve got to attract it well I think you’re going to enjoy this first of all money has to be earned and there is a law that governs this whole universe everything operates by law well Emerson wrote beautifully Ralph Waldo Emerson on the law of compensation and the law of compensation is exact the law of compensation clearly states the amount of money you earn will be in exact ratio to these three points number one the need for what you do then need for what you do number two your ability to do it and number three that difficulty there will be in replacing you now think of that number one the need for what you do number two your ability to do it and number three the difficulty there isn’t replacing you now odds are pretty good the need for what you do is already there you don’t have to do anything about that number three will be taken care of if you take care of number two you may want to think about this for a little while I thought about it for a long while and I realized it’s pretty true say you see you only have to focus on one of those three points and that is number two your ability to do it whatever you’re doing you want to get better at it just keep working at getting better at what you’re doing there isn’t any competition you’re the only competitive competition you’re ever gonna have master whatever you do master it now I want you to think of this there are only three strategies for earning money just three strategies pay close attention it’s m1 m2 and m3 now before I start into them here’s something you want to burn into your mind if you don’t teach your children how to earn money odds are pretty good they’re not going to learn school does not teach us how to earn money you go all the way through school you can go to Harvard Oxford Stanford won’t matter they do not teach you how to earn it they’ll teach you how to invest it they’ll teach you how to store it they’ll teach you how to count it but they do not teach you how to earn it now there’s three strategies if you’re going to teach your children you teach them number three but let’s start with number one number one strategy is used by 96% of the population and it won’t work it never has worked this is where you trade your time for money you see this this strategy has an inherent problem it’s called saturation if did you run out of time I don’t care how effective you are I don’t care how much you’re in an hour you’re gonna run out of time you’re trading your time for money it doesn’t work it does not work number two is an excellent strategy but it’s only used by 3% of the population number two is where you invest money to earn money now people in the number one strategy they hear about this and so they squirrel a little bit of what they’re earning away and they invest it but they don’t understand how to invest it and they usually lose it if you’re gonna invest money you really got to know what you’re doing or go to somebody that has proved that they know what they’re doing number three is where you invest money to earn money now the first two strategies are not the one you want to focus on here’s the one you want to focus on number three it’s only used by approximately one person out of a hundred this is where this group earns almost all the money 96% of all the money returned goes to a very small select group of people and I’m going to tell you something I used to think they were really smart some of them are very smart I was earning over a million dollars a year and I started to analyze what the heck was I doing how was I doing it I had stumbled on m3 I didn’t know what I was doing but I was doing it I’d been raised to believe if you’re gonna earn a lot of money you got to be really smart I knew I wasn’t that smart but I was learning a fair amount of money m3 is used by 1% of the population but they are 96% of all the money these people multiply their time by setting up multiple sources of income now that’s the strategy how do you set up multiple sources of income well some people get that mixed up with multiple jobs that’s not multiple jobs it’s multiple sources of income the truth is you can set up sources of income where you’re earning money while you’re sleeping and it’s never been easier than it is today with the internet and with the way we’re working man you can make it happen so here we are back again what we want to do is show you how to turn your annual income into a monthly income now pay attention because this is super important yes it’s very very important this can be accomplished by having multiple sources of income you check back in history you’re gonna find all wealthy people have always had multiple sources of income they didn’t have one they had all kinds of different sources of income I’m not quite sure how many I’ve got I don’t even look after them I have somebody else look after them Sandi’s got a team of people my business partner that looks after our sources of income now keep staying here listen to what we’re saying our world is changing make no mistake about it you know Alvin Toffler wrote a book way back around 1970 called future shock and he talked about the changes that were coming well I was working with Earl Nightingale Loyd Coonan 1970 and that was a very popular book around the 9th Gale Conant corporation we were all studying it and we were laughing at some of the predictions we’ll say this could never possibly happen well move ahead to 40 or 50 years Toffler fell short he didn’t predict it big enough now he just passed away here a while ago but he said something before he died that maybe you should remember he said the illiterate of the 21st century will not be the people who cannot read and write they’re gonna be the people who cannot learn unlearn and relearn most of what we’ve learned up to this point we’re gonna have to unlearn and then we’re going to learn some new rules now I am unlearning and learning all the time and I’ll tell you something I’ve learned our world is changing yeah it was not getting bigger the world is getting smaller Eddie’s shrinking and here’s something else this is very important you can have business all over the world through multiple sources of income here’s the question you want to ask how much do you want how much do you want because you can set up sources of income all over the place now I do have multiple sources of income our company structured that way we train consultants in our business to teach what we teach they have multiple sources of income if I were starting over today I would probably go into network marketing because it is probably the easiest way to set up multiple sources of income now the fact is that most people that go into it never earn any money is another thing they’re just not working with the right people study the real heavy hitters they all have multiple sources of income and they have money coming at them from all over the world it’s a beautiful thing to understand doesn’t matter where you live you can be setting up sources of income all over the globe you can just keep setting them up you like the idea don’t you well I’m going to tell you something you are capable of doing this we teach this in our programs now we don’t only teach this way there’s all kinds of ways and you’ll say well are all the sources of income that you have the same size no some are bigger some are small but they all have one thing in common although they’re big or small they all flow in to your bank that’s right when you have a source of income it comes into your bank and it just keeps adding up and up and up now just keep watching it just keeps coming and it comes into your bank big and small it’s a beautiful thing to know how much do you want to work watch this video often share it with your friends not multiple jobs multiple sources of income now the Napoleon Hill was talking about the big money what he say it’s a mental thing it’s all in your mind I don’t care what you’ve done in the past I can tell you this you watch this often enough you study the material that our company Proctor Gallagher Institute but you’ll learn how to earn money because we teach them we teach many things we teach how to control our own thinking process so I want to thank you and I look forward to seeing you in a seminar sandy Gallagher and I spent all our time teaching this information thank you for tuning in check us out at Procter Gallagher Institute comm for tips tools and resources [Music]

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